A dark, quiet room is essential for good sleep. Indow Sleep Panels can help you achieve that no matter what time it is. Night shift workers need to sleep during the day. People who suffer migraines often have to block all light to create a dark, quiet space. Sometimes city dwellers need to blackout windows from bright street lights.


Blackout windows with Indow Sleep Panels


When the days grow longer in spring and summer, some people need a dark room to go to bed on time. Whatever the reason, Indow Sleep Panels – our blackout window insert – will seal out all light and reduce the noise.

“No light gets through them at all. It?s like sleeping in a soundproof box.”

– Brad of Portland, Oregon whose wife, Lauren, is a night-shift nurse.



blackout window inserts available for nurse discounts

Best blackout solutions

Blackout shades often don?t seal out the light completely. You know those annoying slivers of light around your windows? Blackout curtains can help with that, but they don?t reduce the outside noise. There are other blackout solutions available.

Indow inserts block the light so completely because they?re laser measured to fit your windows precisely. They?re also edged in our patented silicone compression tubing, which provides a snug fit to seal out light and air and significantly reduce noise by as much as 50 percent.

Because they simply press into the interior of your window frame, they?re easy to remove if you want light.

They are made of medium density fiberboard and have a fresh white surface. While they look great on their own, you can prime and paint them with standard interior wall paint to match a room.

Read about how Brad and Lauren used Indow Sleep Panels to blackout windows to get better sleep.

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