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The Best Way to Insulate Windows

Want to know how to insulate windows? Indow inserts are an easy, immediate, reversible solution to: cold drafts, noise, hot summer air, and fading hardwood floors. Indow uses precise laser measurements to create custom inserts.

Every insert fits your window precisely – even if your window is odd-shaped. We use durable acrylic panels, which insulate better than glass, surrounded by compression tubing so inserts fit snugly in place. This combination is the best way to insulate windows. Indow inserts don’t just insulate against drafts and noise. You can choose privacy or UV protection. Look through our solutions below to find the best window inserts for your needs.

Drafts & Savings

Indow insulating windows.

The best way to insulate windows against cold, summer heat, and save on energy bills.These inserts seal out drafts, insulating windows against cold while providing some noise reduction.

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Indow insulating windows

Our acoustic panels insulate against drafts and have increased noise reduction abilities. These inserts are insulating windows against outside noise to create a quiet, more soundproof environment.

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Lights & UV

Indow insulating windows.

In addition to insulating windows, our these inserts obscure light for privacy, block UV light for protection, or completely blackout a room for a dark, quiet sleep environment.

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All Products

Indow insulating windows.

All custom-made Indow inserts are great at insulating windows against drafts and noise. Different grades have additional insulating powers. See all our grade types to find the best window inserts for your situation.

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Indow window insert compression tube color samples.

Customize Your Insert

Each insert has a tube that edges the clear acrylic. This tubing should blend into your window frame. It comes in three colors: white, brown, and black.

All our acrylic interior storm windows are durable, lightweight and made to blend seamlessly with the surrounding frame. Don't buy new windows. Make the ones you have just right with our precision measuring software, which will ensure a tight fit for your new window inserts. Just choose the grade you need and get started measuring. We're here to help at every step.

Insulating Windows is Easy

Indow window insulation inserts are custom made to fit your window perfecty. When they arrive, all you have to do is press them in to place to start insulating your windows. Our window inserts install in minutes with no mounting hardware. And depending on their size, you only need one person to put them in place.

Man installing window insulation inserts.

How to Insulate Windows with Indow Inserts:

  • Acrylic panels insulate against cold better than glass
  • Silicone tubing creates an almost airtight barrier because of its compression abilities
  • Dead air space between the acrylic panel & the glass adds more insulation
  • Dead air space & acrylic also insulate against noise

All of this means saving money from lowered energy costs. By insulating windows with our inserts, you also preserve your existing windows. The inserts press inside your window frame with no construction needed, ready to insulate immediately.

Customer Reviews


4.48 Average 1447 Reviews logo

Miriam L

Our 9-pane living room window was letting cold air in, so we purchases 9 Indow Window panels. They were fairly easy to install and have held up for a few years now. They make a huge difference in comfort in the living room. Great idea you had there!

Posted 1 day ago

Sam P

The ordering process was smooth and easy. Window arrive we'll packed and clean. Installation was easy but the safety chains make no sense.

Posted 2 days ago

Tamara S

I work five nights a week and keep night hours on my days off, so having a pitch-black room is essential to my health and happiness. After reading some reviews I settled on the Indow sleep panels. My house was built in 1901. I have two bedroom windows that are about 6' tall and 3' wide. From the time I got in touch with Indow, through the measuring process, through the production and delivery of my inserts I felt like they were supportive. Reading the installation guide before their arrival was essential in preparing me for the process. I knew I'd need to install window brackets with a power drill and that unboxing the inserts might be a bit of a chore. This made the installation process smooth which I greatly appreciated. The inserts arrived a few hours after I'd worked through the night, so I was ready to get them installed in short order and get to sleep at a reasonable hour that day. As to their efficacy, the panels block all the light. The sound dampening isn't powerful, but I knew that going in as well. The inserts need to sit 4" from the glass for the full dampening effect and mine can only sit at about 2". There is a dampening effect, just not at the 50% noise reduction that they're capable of. The delivery service that shipped to my house didn't call to schedule the delivery as the instructions said they would. That's the only thing that didn't go according to plan, but I was home so it worked out. Other than that one thing, the panels perform as I hoped they would. I'm grateful for my dark room and my consistent deep sleep because of them. I would work with Indow again in the future.

Posted 3 days ago

Gregory B

We love our new inserts. All nine fit perfectly in our varied windows and now we can enjoy a warmer and quieter winter. Indow was fantastic to work with through the entire process. Thank you, Indow!

Posted 4 days ago


Indow was extremely easy to work with. They are very responsive. My wife and I were skeptical of the level of noise abatement that it would provide before ordering, but we needed something to reduce the street noise. The window was quite easy to install and fit as advertised. Most importantly, this thing works! The difference amazed both of us. Well worth.

Posted 1 week ago

Amy V

I originally ordered Indow inserts due to loud cars in my neighborhood, and after ordering, the culprit moved away. Still, I installed 2/3 of my inserts due to laziness around moving my window shades at the same time, and I am very, very impressed with the sound reduction. I made a recording of audio blasting through a speaker in the room, behind the window pre-insert, and with the insert installed. The results are incredible. If the old neighbor decides to come back for a visit, I probably will not be awoken again. Customer service is great, price is on the expensive side, but the team does work with you to make it feasible, install is easy, and it is much less stress and hassle than getting different windows that wouldn't do as good of a job. I would definitely recommend Indow inserts to anyone having sound issues in their house or neighborhood.

Posted 2 weeks ago

John B

I live next to a busy street in Washington DC with a bus stop in front of the house. The acoustic grade window inserts completely block out the noise, effectively silencing the outside commotion. One of the best investments I have made to my house!

Posted 2 weeks ago

Kim P

I have not noticed that they helped at all. I bought the acoustic, great looking product, easy instructions excellent customer service. You can’t even tell they are on the window.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Becca M

I love how much they help with sound reduction! I have a stoplight outside my condo and the start and stop would wake me up. The Indow has made a world of difference.

Posted 3 weeks ago

erich w

The acoustic properties are great. Hope to see energy savings when we add more windows

Posted 3 weeks ago


We needed something to replace the taped-on plastic insulation that had been up for over 10 years - ugly and falling down! We live in a converted church and have large non-standard-sized frosted pebbled chicken-wire glass windows in the basement. Beautiful, but not well insulated. The Indow process was clear, the support staff knowledgeable and the final product looks great. Highly recommend!

Posted 4 weeks ago


The insert has helped reduce the amount of noise

Posted 1 month ago

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