Winterize Old Windows Without Plastic

Kester loves his family home’s historic authenticity. But it needed winter window insulation and he didn’t want to use plastic sheeting on his old windows. He discovered window inserts were a great way to block the cold drafts from his windows without changing his home’s character.

“What attracted me to the Indow window insert product was that you don’t mess with your house at all. You just press the inserts into your window frames. There’s no mounting bracket. They’re fitted perfectly to each window so it’s just the pressure gasket that allows you to insert the window. They’re light and easy to install and remove again and again.”

– Kester


What Does Winterizing Windows Mean?

Adding winter window insulation or “winterizing” windows basically means preparing them for winter. The season brings cold, drafts, and high energy bills. By sealing out drafts and insulating against cold, you can keep your home warmer and energy bills lower.

Indow inserts do this by creating a tight seal around the inside of the window frame and blocking drafts. The acrylic panel is a better insulator than glass, raising the surface temperature inside. The seal also creates a dead air space between the insert and window adding further insulation.


Winter Window Insulation with Inserts

Kester needed winter window insulation that would increase energy efficiency and stop the drafts without hiding or hurting his historic windows. Plastic sheeting, exterior storm windows, and full replacement all didn’t work for his situation.

“My family has owned the house for 2 generations and my dad took all these old windows apart and re-hung all the sash weights. So it’s not creaky old windows that don’t work. It’s creaky old windows that work perfectly.”

Kester found an attractive, effective way to add winter window insulation to his historic home without plastic sheets. The installation was easy and the results have been great. He and his wife haven’t noticed an energy cost increase this winter for the first time since living in the house. One bonus he didn’t even know he would be getting—the house is much quieter.

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