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Say Yes to the #1 Window Replacement Alternative

///Say Yes to the #1 Window Replacement Alternative
Say Yes to the #1 Window Replacement Alternative2019-02-05T02:01:57+00:00

Craig and Shari loved their north Portland home with its awesome neighbors and close proximity to schools, shops and restaurants. When their growing family required larger quarters, they decided to add one story to their home rather than move. But this posed a puzzling problem since their budget limited the family to vinyl windows – if they wanted to replace their windows throughout the home.

indow insert window replacement alternative

They wanted to stop the energy loss and high heating bills, but the look of vinyl would not fit with the charm of their 1922 home. They needed to find a thermal window replacement alternative. Their solution: high-end, double-pane wood windows for the second floor addition and Indow window inserts throughout the first floor.

indow insert window replacement alternative


Womean Installing Indow Window Insert
“The old double-hung windows make the space feel much more relaxed and comfortable than if I’d gotten window replacements, but my tiny electric space heater would have been going 24/7. Using Indow inserts, the space heats up fast and it stays warm for hours, even after I switch off the space heater. It’s actually more comfortable to sit on the sofa next to an Indow insert than it is to sit next to the brand new double panes. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Indow inserts!”

– Craig & Shari Strong, Home Owners, Portland, Oregon.

indow insert window replacement alternative

The condensation that used to steam up the inside of their single-panes has disappeared and the Strongs noticed another benefit, the first floor is now very quiet. They love how walker-friendly the community is, but it’s nice not to hear every conversation as their neighbors stroll by.

When Craig converted the detached garage in their backyard into a studio, he fitted two beautiful recycled single-pane windows and fitted them with Indow inserts. Stories like the Strongs’ warm our hearts. Tell us yours!



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