Eric spent 25 years traveling and living in large cities. So, when he moved back home to Cincinnati, he wanted to be downtown, close to everything, and not in a typical condo. He ended up in the former Fourth National Bank Building, built in 1905. It had everything he wanted: space, a modern look, gorgeous views of the city…and hotel guests?

Eric’s large 9 x 4 foot windows looked directly into a hotel across an alley. He knew he had to get some kind of window privacy coveringdaily shared glances with hotel guests? no thanks!but he didn’t want to feel like he was living in a cave. He needed window privacy ideas, and soon!

exterior view of condo with Indow inserts used for window privacy covering

He had a special case. He didn’t want to replace his large windows (and he wasn’t sure he could remove the historic windows). He also didn’t want to cover his windows with something that would leave him in the dark with no natural lighting.

Window Privacy Options:

  • Blinds (don't let light through)
  • Shade or Curtains (don't let light through)
  • Window Film (can hurt certain types of windows)
  • Replacing windows with textured glass (expensive & not possible for renters)
  • Window Inserts (work with existing windows, not permanent, let light in)

He found Indow Privacy Grade inserts, made from translucent white acrylic, which allows in light while blocking out details or defined shadows. They obscure what’s happening right outside so you maintain your privacy, but you still get plenty of light.

dealers installing Indow inserts for window privacy options

The old bank building has drafty windows too, so he decided to buy inserts for the rest of the condo for added comfort and energy efficiency. He removed them for a short time not long after installation and was surprised at the amount of city soot trapped between the window and the Indow insert. These fine particles lining the window frame would have otherwise dusted his home.

“I couldn’t believe how much dirt was coming into my unit – a lot of pollution from cars and trucks,” he said. “I’m guessing I was breathing it and it was going through my ventilation system.”



interior view of condo with Indow inserts, a window privacy covering

“I love the Indow window privacy grade insert,” he said. “It’s sleek and modern. I didn’t want to seal the windows off – this allows light into the unit.”

– Eric Schwartz, Home Owner, Cincinnati, Ohio


closeup of window inside condo with Indow - a window privacy covering

He had researched a lot of window privacy ideas including new windows, but those would have been prohibitively expensive in his historic building. He concluded, “Indow inserts are a great solution.”

It can be difficult to find the right window privacy covering. Blinds can be too dark and curtains can reveal too much. Indow Privacy Grade inserts obscure the view, but let in light while also adding insulation, noise reduction, and energy savings. Every situation is unique, see if Indow Privacy Grade inserts will work for you.

closeup of Indow window insert - a window privacy covering


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