Even though Maggie and her partner Don had just bought their home, they were almost ready to sell it. Until they moved in, they didn’t realize just how much traffic noise would filter through their windows from the nearby city traffic and auto body shop. After three weeks, they knew the house needed significant street noise reduction.

woman and child in home with indow inserts for street noise reduction

Reducing Traffic Noise for Better Sleep


Maggie had to sleep with earplugs and still got woken up nightly. The traffic noise was especially hard since their infant son Max needed his naps. Lack of sleep can have lasting effects, and so can noise pollution. Continuous street noise can lead to stress, high blood pressure, even adverse effects on children’s developmental progress.

The windows of the 1913 Craftsman also leaked air badly, scoring the lowest possible on an air leakage test. But replacing them for street noise reduction wasn’t an option. Like many owners of historic homes, the original wavy leaded glass was one reason Maggie and Don fell for the house.

closeup of Indow window insert used for street noise reduction

Street Noise Reduction Strategy


What could this new family do to reduce street noise and create a quiet home? Would quiet windows solve their problems? They tried installing Indow window inserts in their first floor bedrooms, dining room, and living room.

Their quality of life improved dramatically after reducing traffic noise. The outside sound is so muffled, no one wakes up in the middle of the night. They also achieved energy efficiency without replacing the gorgeous windows they fell for. They no longer talk about moving.

Indow inserts are perfect for reducing street noise because they perform sound reduction. Once installed into a window, they create an air seal to block sound vibrations carried by air. The acrylic they are made of is also better at mitigating sound than glass.



family next to window with Indow inserts used for traffic noise reduction
“Indow Windows have made a huge difference and the inserts are nearly invisible. They’re not like storm windows, they take just a second to pop out and pop back in and you don’t have to go outside.”

– Maggie Finnerty, Home Owner, Portland, Oregon.

family outside house with Indow window inserts used for street noise reduction

Easy to Remove & Reinstall


Some refer to Indow inserts as interior storm windows, but Maggie doesn’t consider them that. Her old house had storm windows she never once took off. In her new house, when they burn something cooking, they easily remove the Indow inserts and open all the windows to catch a fresh breeze. And then promptly put them back in to stop traffic noise.

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