Scott Knapp and his wife built their house on Lake Ontario themselves. They bought new wood insulating double-pane windows from a huge, reputable window company to make their home warm and snug. It was a company, Scott says, that “sells them by the boatload.” But to the couple’s surprise, the double-pane windows were drafty right from the start.

Chaumont, New York can get cold, sometimes minus 30° Fahrenheit. Scott asked the company for new seals but none of the fixes were able to improve window insulation or stop the drafts.

exterior and interior of a house using Indow inserts for insulating double-pane windows

Insulating Double-Pane Windows with Inserts

As a home performance contractor, Scott had done a super job of insulating the house but needed needed help when it came to insulating double-pane windows. He wasn’t about to replace them since they were brand new, so he bought insulating blinds as a stop gap measure. He and his wife were so cold that first winter, they couldn’t even watch television in the main living room.

He then found Indow window inserts, which immediately solved the problem. His wife, who is sensitive to drafts, told him, “There’s a huge difference in here.”

thermal gun images showing one window at 31.5 degrees, one window with Indow insert insulating double pane window at 54.5 degrees

Insulated Double-Pane Window 23° Warmer

Scott used his thermal imaging gun to see the difference he and his wife could both feel. It showed the window with an Indow insert was 23° warmer than the one without. The inserts took care of the condensation problem on the windows and the boiler doesn’t have to run as much to heat the home. To learn how these increased window surface temperatures create greater comfort, check out our ‘Comfort Finally Has an ROI’ document.

“The changes in the home were…amazing,” said Scott.

He liked them so much, he decided to become an Indow dealer, helping to make others more comfortable around the region.

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  woman installing indow window insert for noise reduction and energy efficiency

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