The Commonwealth focused on hotel guest complaints and resolutions to provide superior customer experience. Despite these efforts, noise outside their control led to negative reviews. This upscale hotel in downtown Richmond is near foot traffic and car traffic. The hotel complaints about noise lead them to hotel soundproofing with Indow window inserts.

traffic outside the commonwealth hotel led to noise complaints by guests

“We used to get negative reviews online because of the noise issues. That was a critical problem because your online presence is always going to be huge. Since we have relaunched the hotel we have not had any negative online reviews about the outside noise,” says General Manager Christina Norton

The hotel soundproofing came at the tail end of their 18-month renovation project. During construction, they did a complete overhaul. 59 guest rooms, their lobby, their restaurant, and more received upgrades. They restored many historical features that guests come to The Commonwealth for.

interior view of newly renovated hotel room in commonwealth receiving hotel complaints for noise

A new lobby won’t help with hotel guest complaints and resolutions, though. The Commonwealth faced a unique challenge with their downtown traffic noise. All Richmond buses have external intercom systems. So, as they leave the curb, hotel guests could hear next destination announced. And this starts very early in the morning. Guests would complain to the front desk and fill out negative feedback on comment cards.

The hotel handled issues with quality customer service, going above and beyond to provide credits. But the credits, and staff time handling these conversations, increased the cost of these incidents. The Commonwealth knew they needed a more permanent and efficient solution. They looked to SuperGreen Solutions Maryland who recommended Indow inserts.

Indow window inserts can be installed in minutes. With such a quick and easy installation, guest occupancy isn’t interrupted. This was important to The Commonwealth after such a long renovation. 



hotel guest in commonwealth hotel room leaning against window with Indow inserts used for hotel soundproofing
“I cannot put a dollar figure on it but we were giving away lots of money before we installed the Indow window inserts. I don’t think I’ve given many credits since we installed the inserts, which is huge because we used to get noise complaints on a regular basis.”

– Christina Norton, General Manager


infographic of hotel soundproofing indow window inserts compared to replacement windows

The results are immediate and started helping guests and staff right away. Since installing Indow inserts, which block up to 70% of outside noise, their noise complaints have drastically reduced. “Let me tell you something, in the hospitality industry, it’s very rare that you actually can permanently fix any problem in your facility. The problems always come back. The Indow window inserts have practically fixed my noise problem and I don’t have to worry about it anymore,” says Norton.

closeup of Indow window inserts in hotel window used for hotel guest complaints and resolutions to block noise

The best way to resolve guest complaints is to figure out why they are unsatisfied. Next, find the most efficient way to stop the issues from happening. Customer service goes a long way. As long as the issue continues, your company is vulnerable to loss of business through poor reviews and a lower customer lifetime value.

If you find yourself apologizing to guests over and over about the noise, try our pilot program. You can perform hotel soundproofing with window inserts in just one room. We recommend the noisiest to see if hotel complaints decrease.

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