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Blackout Panels for Sleep and Quiet by Indow

///Blackout Panels for Sleep and Quiet by Indow
Blackout Panels for Sleep and Quiet by Indow2018-08-09T21:59:37+00:00

As a night nurse desperate for sleep, Lauren was delighted to learn about a new type of blackout panel that blocks 100% of the light and much of the noise coming through her windows. Lauren would return from a 12-hour hospital shift exhausted and ready to sleep the eight hours she needs to be alert. But it didn’t always come easy. Light filtered through the bedroom’s cellular shades. So did the sounds of garbage trucks and barking dogs.


“You don’t have any light getting through them at all,” said Brad. “You block all the light and now we barely hear the outside world. They pop out in seconds when you want to let in the light and are just as easy to reinstall.”


The couple had their bedroom windows in their 1908 home measured for Indow Sleep Panels, which block 100% of the light and dramatically reduce noise coming through windows. The Sleep Panels are similar to the transparent window inserts Indow sells but instead of clear, these blackout panels are made of a white coated medium density fiberboard. Indow had the answer for Lauren and Brad.

Before installation, the two listened to the din of the city one weekend night: a train, someone pushing a shopping cart, a neighbor’s party. “It’s as if we’re sleeping in a tent”, Lauren told her husband.


“It’s completely different now,” said Brad. “You’re in a comfortable, dark space. What we hear is what we want to hear ? which is silence.”


Even though Brad works during the day, the Sleep Panels have improved his night sleep by blocking moonlight, street lamps and noise. As someone who sells medical equipment and attends surgeries, Brad must be alert too.


“Any time you have a big day and have to perform, a good night’s sleep is one of the main ingredients,” he said. With Indow Sleep Panels, “It’s like sleeping in a quiet cocoon.”

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