Helping people find comfort, quiet and savings is what we do. But instead of relying on our word, read what our customers have to say about window insert projects that improved their quality of life. We conducted interviews to understand the challenges they faced, and how Indow inserts helped. Also, we encourage every customer to leave a review with an independent third party. Read some of those window insert examples below, or scroll to the bottom to see all our Indow case studies by category.


window insert case studies

This Old House in Charleston Installs Indow Inserts

Understanding the value of original windows, This Old House uses inserts to block drafts and noise in an 1847 home in Charleston’s historic district.

Energy Savings

window insert case studies

U.S. Department of Energy Studies Indow Inserts in Seattle

The U.S. Department of Energy found Indow inserts lead to a 20 percent reduction in heating and cooling costs in a Seattle home.

Noise Reduction

window insert case studies

Street Noise Reduction in the City Makes the Difference

Constant traffic noise made it hard for this family to sleep and almost forced them to move before they found Indow inserts.

Light & UV Protection

window insert case studies

Protecting artwork in an iconic American home

Owners of the iconic Case Study House #26 in California used inserts to protect paintings from damaging UV rays.

Health & Safety

window insert case studies

Creating Privacy in an Urban Environment

Privacy Grade inserts helped one urban dweller shield his home from view of hotel guests next door while reducing grime filtering through his windows.

Commercial Projects

indow window case study commercial

Office Soundproofing To Reduce Train Noise

This building manager installed Indow inserts to soundproof his tenants’ offices, and was blown away by the impressive reduction in sound.


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