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A New Window Blackout Option for Better Sleep

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A New Window Blackout Option for Better Sleep

Sleep Panel is a great new window blackout optionAre you a shift worker? A jet-lagged chronic traveler? A victim of early morning garbage trucks? Indow has an effective new window blackout option for you.

Indow’s blackout windows can help even the most sleep-deprived people get the rest they need.

It’s no secret anymore that good sleep is the key to a better life. You think more clearly, feel better, look healthier and have deeper wisdom. Still, a Gallup poll found that 40 percent of Americans get less than the recommended 7 hour minimum of sleep each night.

Why do so many people struggle to sleep well on a daily basis? Sometimes it’s because they work an alternate shift and have to sleep during the day when the rest of the world is awake. Or they live near heavy traffic or under a flight path. Or bright street lights illuminate their bedroom making it hard to sleep deeply.

Are you getting enough sleep? The National Sleep Foundation recommends you take its Sleepiness Test to see if you’re more or less sleepy than the general population.

Blocking noise and light can make all the difference.

“Noise from the street or aircraft overhead can be disruptive to sleep, both because the noise may wake you up once you are already sleeping and it may distract you when you are trying to fall asleep,” Lauren Hale, an associate professor of preventive medicine in the Program in Public Health at Stony Brook University and the inaugural editor of the National Sleep Foundation’s new journal Sleep Health told Indow. “Also, light from outside can interfere with sleep by suppressing the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin.  Especially for people who do shift work who sleep during the day, it’s fairly important to reduce the influence of both outside noise and light on sleep.”



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  1. Paula Thacker June 21, 2015 at 9:39 pm - Reply

    Hi, I would need one of these for sleep. I have neighbors that stay up on their back porch and talk till late at night. I can clearly hear them. I have asked them about 10 different times to please stop and they do then they start again after a couple of weeks. I guess they think I moved, (even though they see me everyday) or that I lost my hearing maybe they think I just don’t mind it anymore? Whatever…. I just have to keep my mouth shut now or they might get even louder then it becomes a huge power struggle. That’s why I’m looking into these window inserts. I just bought blackout curtains and they were supposed to block some noise and I would say they are blocking about 5% of their annoying drunk voices. I also have always worn earplugs and that is far from enough. I just emailed and asked for a quote for my 60×35 bedroom window. That one would be the necessity to me. I also have 4 more the same size. So if the one worked I would love to get more! Thank you Paula

  2. David Pray August 15, 2015 at 10:28 pm - Reply

    My wife works the 3-3 shift at the Reading Hospital & Medical Center. She tends very sick babies in the NeoNatology Unit. They are always staffed very thin. So when she get home she needs a hour to settle down. It would be nice to have the black out windows for our 3 Anderson windows in our bedroom. I cannot afford to purchase these so winning them would be nice. I did inquire about buying 2 indoor windows for our downstairs living room.
    Thank You

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