In 2020, Indow team members added their pronouns in their email signatures. This is a small change in formatting that was standardized company-wide, but behind this small addition is a declaration of individuality. By adding our pronouns to our communications, we acknowledge that our identities aren’t suspended when we walk into the office, but instead are indicators of how we work and interact with coworkers and our customers.

Here’s why we decided to add our pronouns to our email signatures:

Creating a Healthy, Safe, Productive Work Environment

We actively work to create an environment in which team members can feel comfortable to be themselves and know they are valued as employees and respected as human beings. 

We strive to create this healthy work environment in a few ways: We lead DISC personality training sessions, which give us insight into how others think and work, as well as provide an opportunity to express to coworkers what matters to us in and out of the workplace. Getting to know each other in this way ensures that we invest in one another and, in turn, the company.

We recently created the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee. The committee meets weekly to discuss issues around DEI. Projects the committee takes on include training sessions, company surveys, and equitable hiring practices.

The Significance of Pronouns

Adding pronouns to our email signatures allows each employee to convey an important part of their identity. We recognize that this practice resonates with different people in different ways. For those of us who spent any amount of time living not as our authentic selves, it is important to make sure we are seen by others now.

By asking team members to be their authentic selves at work, we create an environment where stress and anxiety are kept in check and creativity thrives. Liz Quezada works in the marketing department at Indow and had this to say about the update to Indow email signatures:

“For me, it was the first time using my pronouns in the workplace, and I’m glad Indow made it company-wide. Including pronouns in your email signature is a small but impactful act. All I want as a non-binary person is to be validated for who am I – the aspects of myself that make me, me. The pronoun initiative at Indow allowed me to feel that.”

If you are considering a similar initiative for your company, or if you aren’t sure how to navigate conversations around gender and pronouns, here are a few resources to get you started:

How to Correct Mistakes with Pronouns

GLSEN Pronouns Resource

If you have any questions about the pronoun initiative at Indow or questions on how to start your own, email the Indow Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee at [email protected].