Ways to Save with Energy Efficiency in Your Home

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Energy Efficiency 101

With constant supply chain disruptions and inflation rising, the costs of living have risen in almost every way. From groceries to monthly utility bills, now may be the time to reassess your expenses. One way to reduce your utility bills is by increasing the energy efficiency of your home, which can be done in a variety of ways.

Generally, energy efficiency involves a combination of sealing and insulating the building envelope of your home. The building envelope refers to the walls, ceilings, and floors that enclose the living space.

Sealing your building envelope reduces the amount of air leaking in and out of your home. Reducing air leakage means that comfortable temperatures stay in the house and noise (which travels through air) is kept outside of the house. Windows are one of the most important components of the building envelope that need to be sealed.

Insulating your home adds layers of protection against heat or air conditioning loss. Thermal insulation slows the transfer of heat or cold and insulation also helps reduce noise as well by absorbing noise particles. Combining attic insulation and basement ceiling insulation helps floors above and below stay at a comfortable temperature. Of course, installing new insulation in your walls helps considerably, but involves an intrusive installation project.

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How to Improve your Home’s Building Envelope and Save Money

There are various ways to upgrade your home’s building envelope and save you money. Here are a few tips we recommend:

  • Insulate your attic and basement ceilings
  • Insulate your walls
  • Air seal your home with weatherstripping, caulk, or door draft stoppers
  • Weatherize your windows with interior storm windows, also known as window inserts
  • Upgrade heating and cooling equipment, such as heat pumps, boilers, or furnaces
  • Update appliances to the latest energy efficiency technology, specifically products with high Energy Star ratings
  • Renovate your roof to a reflective surface, which helps keep your roof and home cooler during hot months, lowering your energy bill and extending the life of your roof
  • Upgrade to renewable energy, such as solar panels, to reduce energy consumption
Tips for Energy Efficient Homes Chart B

How to Save Big on Energy Efficiency with the Inflation Reduction Act

By installing insulation material, upgrading to new heating or cooling equipment, or sealing your home to prevent heat loss inside your home, you can save money with the Home Energy Improvement Tax Credit. You can do this within your home through a variety of methods, which means you have many options to improve the energy efficiency of your home – and the federal government will help you save money while doing it!

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to take advantage of these federal tax credits is by installing energy efficient window inserts. Window inserts create an air seal – weatherizing your windows and increasing your energy efficiency.

Indow MF3 Interior CMYK MED HR

Indow Is Your Energy Efficient Window Solution

With the help of the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit, you can save up to $1200 on Indow window inserts that improve the energy efficiency of your home, eliminate cold drafts in the winter, and keep your home cooler in the summer.

Indow window inserts are the most sustainable and energy-efficient method to seal your window. No replacement or modification of the window frame required. Indow’s Snug Fit guarantee ensures that your inserts will slide right into your existing window frame, immediately creating an insulating pocket that keeps your home at a comfortable temperature and a quiet volume.

You’ll feel the comfort and see the savings in your utility bills immediately as Indow customers save an average of 20% on heating & cooling bills. Additionally, Indow’s thermal inserts seal out pollen, pollutants, and can even reduce outside noise by at least 50%, allowing you to enjoy your space more while saving money.

Learn more about how Indow inserts can improve your home’s energy efficiency and save you money. Talk to one of our experts today to get a free estimate!