Another year has flown by as we seek to provide homeowners with comfort and quiet, preserve historic irreplaceable windows and reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment. As 2015 approaches, it’s a good time to reflect back on our achievements and express how grateful we are to everyone who has helped Indow succeed: our team, our talented dealers and all those who have taken steps to preserve their windows and create more energy efficient homes!

10. Treehugger recommends Indow.

The managing editor of Treehugger knows a lot about making homes more energy efficient and the value of preserving old windows. Lloyd Alter recently installed Indow inserts on bay windows and liked them so much he bought more, writing: I am seriously impressed at how accurately they fit and how much of a difference they made. I have ordered them for the existing old windows on the front of the house, and expect that they will make a huge difference in the apartment upstairs – saving energy, increasing comfort and preserving the historic character of my home. He even sent us a picture of his Christmas tree reflected in the Indow inserts, I noticed that there is a different index of refraction or reflectivity in your inserts and our glass that set up a perfect infinity box reflecting our lights forever. It is a wonderful effect.

treehugger recommends Indow

9. Historic preservation!

Our push to preserve historic windows with their beautiful rippled glass has lead us to help sponsor the National Trust for Historic Preservation conference in Savannah, Georgia this year. It also sparked us to create a Window Hero Webinar Series in which we invite historic preservation experts to give free webinars. John Leeke, a well-known preservationist and author of Save America’s Windows: Caring for Older and Historic Wood Windows, did the first one. Author and vintage home expert Gordon Bock did the second as well as a Q & A.


 8. Expanded our team!

We expanded our creative, energetic team by hiring a new creative director, more sales representatives, production employees, and customer support staff. Indow inserts are selling like mad and we’re working hard to keep up! We added the following stellar individuals:

Michael Hofler – Creative Director. Michael is taking Indow into creative new worlds.

Jessie Cahill – Indow Fit Specialist. Jessie is the master of walking people through the self-measure process. (And she has an excellent dolphin call!)

Myo Aung – Manufacturing. Myo has a degree in physics from his native Burma and cuts the silicone tubing. He also has a green thumb!

Myo Naing Aung – Myo’s younger brother who recently joined Indow. He too has a green thumb!

Doug Ricketts – Administrative assistant. An important hub at Indow with a sense of humor.

Adam Fine – Administrative assistant. Keeps Indow organized and is the ultimate friendly voice on the phone.

Edgar Avery – Manufacturing. Ensures that all Indows leaving the facility are in perfect condition.

Robbie Lockhart – The face of Indow in that Robbie ensures every shipment leaving the facility is packaged in a careful and spiffy manner.

Khin Htun- Cuts the acrylic with the utmost precision!

Killian Kuntz – Indow Fit Specialist. Takes great care with customers and is an excellent listener!

photo (39)

7. Hear, hear sustainability!

We are honored by the continued recognition of our sustainable practices. We won the “Top Product of the Year Award” in the Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards. Judges lauded Indow inserts for their ability to reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment by creating energy efficiency: “Indow Windows offers a fast and easy way to reduce air and solar infiltration through existing windows, yielding significant energy savings in both hot and cold climates. By reducing energy usage, Indow also helps to decrease demand on the electricity grid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions simultaneously.” And Door & Window Market Magazine named us a 2014 Green Award winner calling us an “Overall Energy Saver.”


6. Fresh new face!

We redesigned our logo and refreshed our Web site, making it a better experience for those who come to visit us. It’s a friendly place to explore!


5. Expanded reach!

We now have 92 excellent dealers in 38 U.S. states and three provinces of Canada!


4. Indow knows no bounds!

We now sell everywhere in the U.S. If a someone doesn’t live near a dealer, we send them a kit to laser measure their windows themselves. Jessie (pictured below) walks people through the process! It’s a true breakthrough.

3.  Indow does time at Alcatraz!

The Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei wanted the public to view his installations on freedom of expression through the broken gun gallery windows at Alcatraz where guards once trained their weapons on the prisoners below. Organizers not only had to protect this National Historic Landmark from souvenir seekers, they had to protect visitors who would be looking at Ai Weiwei’s art through the broken windows. They turned to Indow to line the gun gallery with inserts!

Alcatraz sized for press release

2. Launched Shade Grade!

Now we have your back when it’s hot, hot, hot.  We proudly lau
nched Indow inserts in Shade Grade. They’re like sunglasses for your home, shielding searing summer sun through your windows to keep you cooler and more comfortable. If you live in hot climate, we’re there for you!


1. We continue to make the built environment more energy efficient!

A U.S.  Department of Energy study released this year found that installing Indow inserts led to a more than 20 percent reduction in heating, ventilating and air-conditioning use in a Seattle home! A separate pilot study by Portland State University’s Green Building Research Laboratory found similar results: four Portland-area homes reduced their heating energy costs by an average of 19 percent after installing Indow inserts. We love what we do!