Your structure’s windows are some of its most important features. Not only do they let much-needed daylight into your spaces and contribute to the property’s character, but they also play a leading role in your comfort and energy-efficiency. That’s because they may be allowing excessive amounts of air and noise in from outside, making it more difficult for you to feel comfortable in your space.

If your windows aren’t doing their job well, you may be tempted to have them replaced. However, this can be extremely expensive, difficult, and change the look of a historic house or building. That’s why compression tube storm windows such as those made by Indow® make such a better alternative. What are these window inserts, and how can they benefit you? Read on to learn more.

Indow dealer installing Indow insert for commercial job

Understanding the Basics

How do these storm windows work? Simply put, compression tubing window inserts from Indow are engineered to fit snugly into existing window wells. Once in place, they form an air pocket that insulates against the conditions outside and blocks sound waves from entering.

They are custom-made using laser-assisted measurements to ensure the perfect fit. Installing them takes only a few minutes. All you need to do is fit them into the frame. No tools or special preparations are necessary. Once they are installed, the clear acrylic makes them virtually unnoticeable, as well.


Key Benefits of Window Inserts

The benefits of storm windows go far beyond their ease of installation. Among the many advantages they provide to property owners include:

  • Energy-efficiency: By sealing window wells, window inserts stop outdoor air from leaking inside through seams and gaps. This prevents your property from becoming too drafty during winter and too warm in summer. With this option, you won’t have to run your HVAC as frequently, reducing energy consumption and utility bills.
  • Greater comfort: Because window inserts prevent drafts and help insulate your spaces, they also keep you more comfortable. If there’s a room you don’t like to use during colder weather because it’s too chilly, this product can help improve that situation dramatically. It also can reduce runny noses, irritated throats, and other discomforts that can arise when the mercury drops.
  • Peace and quiet: Noise pollution can seep indoors from all around, making it hard to relax or concentrate. With window inserts placed over your windows, they create a barrier of air that dampens any sound waves before they assault your ears. You’ll be able to enjoy a more restful environment that allows you to sleep, work, read or do anything you want in peace.
closeup of window insert used to seal window drafts

Choose Indow

We’ve led the way in these revolutionary window inserts. Our proprietary software assures that yours will be customized to fit every window in your house or building. Our patented compression tube technology expands to seal them completely and without any leaks. If you have problems with drafts, noise or excessive energy bills, Indow window inserts can be the answer you need. To learn more or to receive a free estimate for your property, reach out today.