June 11 Update: At this point we are all feeling the sting of supply chain disruption, whether it’s missing our favorite summer activities or our favorite coffee beverage or our favorite window insulation. Nothing seems safe from these global shortages.

“Shortages and price hikes are affecting the entire retail sector. Bikes, cars, meat, cheese, and even ketchup are all becoming more expensive, in part thanks to disruptions to the global supply chain from COVID-19, plus a shipping container shortage and port congestion. These factors created what experts called a “perfect storm” in global transportation.” -Insider

Things are getting better! Though experts say the supply chain issues won’t be entirely cleared up until 2022, things are improving. The Executive Director of the Port of Los Angeles says “all the metrics are moving in the right direction” and April 2021 was the busiest month for port traffic since they began tracking container imports 19 years ago. 

The White House also released their 100-day review of the supply chain after President Biden signed an executive order investigating supply chain delays. Container volume is expected to increase each month over the next four months.

We will continue to keep you informed as we work diligently on solutions.


Throughout the pandemic, people have been experiencing more noise and discomfort, which has led to an increased demand for our products. We are happy to provide a solution, but COVID-19 has also wreaked havoc on the supply chain, sending shipping containers to the wrong part of the world, clogging ports as new protocols slow things down. We have been working hard to absorb these supply chain issues that have affected the entire world.  

Our team is building and shipping inserts trying to impact you as little as possible while we wait on inventory from our suppliers. Because of this, production times are currently approximately 14 weeks.

We’ve been working hard to absorb the supply chain issues for months. At the start of the pandemic, some supplies went from a 2 day wait to 9 months! We were able to continue without any disruption until very recently. As you can probably imagine, some of the pieces that go into our inserts are proprietary and sourcing materials isn’t an easy task. We appreciate your patience while we continue this pursuit.


Should I place my order now? We say yes! It will guarantee you a spot in line once our production levels are back to normal.

Our factory is still fully operational and we haven’t needed to lay off any staff due to the pandemic or the supply chain issue. The lower inventory levels have caused slower production and output, but we are waiting and ready to handmake inserts once all materials have arrived.

Thank you so much for your patience and desire to support a small company. If you have any questions about your order, or about this production delay in general, please reach out to us directly. We want to help in whatever way we can.


The Indow Team

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