Historic craftsman home with Indow storm windows installed: Inserts don’t harm old home’s windows.

Alternative to Historic Storm Windows

Indow window inserts are an attractive, easy-to-use interior storm window. Original windows are important to the architectural character of historic buildings. Unfortunately, they’re also a top source of energy loss. The drafts can make you feel uncomfortable, but also drive up energy costs.  While exterior storm windows provide some energy efficiency benefits to your older home, they’re difficult to use and often unsightly. Indow window inserts are an alternative to exterior storm windows.

Read on to learn more or visit our storm windows guide to see which works best for you.

Storm window being installed in historic window. Improve window performance without altering them.

The Problem with Replacing Your Historic Windows

The Illinois Historic Preservation Agency put together a great report on why you should use storm windows for historic homes. It outlines the harm that can come to a historic home if the owner replaces the windows instead of restoring them.

Use interior storm windows for old houses because of:

  • Sustainability: Tearing out old windows and putting them in landfills harms the environment.
  • Aesthetics: New windows cannot mimic the look of historic windows or use same materials like old-growth wood. Indow inserts are interior storms that both look good and are barely noticeable.
  • Maintenance: Many new window materials (vinyl, fiberglass, sealants) are difficult or impossible to recycle. Indow inserts come with a limited lifetime warranty and do not require any maintenance – just occasional cleaning like all windows.
  • Cost: High quality replacement windows cost three times as much as restoring original windows.
  • Ease: Measuring for, receiving, and installing Indow inserts can typically be done with only one person and requires around a combined time of around 15 minutes per window.

Historic storm windows are one solution to avoid doing a full replacement. Unfortunately, many storm windows require installing a track system on the window frame. This not only alters the frame, but isn’t aesthetically pleasing.

Indow window inserts in historic windows to improve performance without harming the historic value

The Storm Window Alternative

Indow inserts are custom storm windows for historic homes. Indow uses proprietary measurement verification software to ensure a perfect fit – up to 1/32’’, even in out-of-square windows. The simple and elegant design makes them hardly noticeable once installed. Unlike other storm windows, Indow inserts fit without any modifications to the window frame, and are held in place with our patented silicone compression tube around the outer edge. This means your old, historic windows will perform like new windows without losing their historic value.

If your historic home needs an alternative to replacements or clunky storm windows, contact us today!