When you’re spring cleaning, you naturally stir a lot of dust into the air. Even opening windows doesn’t help clear the air due to high pollen count, which is supposed to be worse this year. Most of us are still spending more time indoors, so it’s important to know how to improve indoor air quality while tackling our normal spring cleaning.

Finding ways to be more comfortable indoors is key. Here’s three ways to increase your comfort and improve your wellbeing.

child cleaning window to improve indoor air quality

Spring Cleaning Windows

Let’s start with windows, the gatekeeper to fresh air, but also pollen. At Indow, we’re a little obsessed with windows, and even then, we only recommend cleaning them twice a year. We’ve found that window cleaning, along with other house tidying, can really help with residential indoor air quality.

Our customers have found some pretty disgusting things between their Indow inserts and windows, leading us to believe that our inserts keep a lot of the worst air pollution offenders out. Our post on how to improve indoor air quality walks through indoor air quality solutions and how they might work for you. Sometimes simply getting an air purifier can help take control of indoor air pollution.


Indoor Air Quality

Before you decide to get any equipment, learn how to test air quality in your home. We met with expert Kelson Redding to discuss indoor air quality, why it’s important, and how it works with our inserts. His recommendations depend on your home situation. For example, a home with a smoker, many pets, or someone with severe allergies is more likely to need assistance. 

Find out how to perform your own indoor air quality test.

Being able to breathe easy in your own home is no small matter. Kelson works in both residential and commercial spaces. If we are using our homes for both work and leisure, shouldn’t we be giving them the same amount of attention that our workplaces once did?

DIY home office with small break area

Home Office in Order

Maybe your home office was perfectly organized from day one. Maybe you made do with what you had, and the disaster continued from there. Either way, spring is the perfect time to clean and reorganize your space. Even better, learn how to soundproof a home office because now that the weather is turning nice, distracting noise will just increase.

A soundproof office isn’t as hard as you think, and will greatly improve your productivity and happiness. This post will walk you through how to soundproof a home office from outside and inside noise.

This video also lists 6 essential things every home office should have:


Finding Indoor Comfort

How are you making your home more comfortable this season? Every home project should have that question at the center of it. Our videos are about finding solutions to home comfort questions. Subscribe to our YouTube for more advice and good ideas.