Oregon manufacturing innovation wins Indow a major awardDid you know all Indow inserts are handmade here in Portland? We’re proud to be an Oregon manufacturer. And we’re honored to win the Portland Business Journal’s Manufacturing Company of the Year Award for companies with 11-50 employees!

Indow window inserts make homes more energy efficient and comfortable by blocking drafts and dampening outside noise. Since each insert is laser measured to fit individual windows, each one is unique.

The product appears simple, but mass customization is a complicated manufacturing process. It has required Indow to create a cloud-based IT system to laser measure windows anywhere in the country with proprietary software that can detect measurement error. The company thrives on innovation and has built the culture to support continuous learning including the 1 % Awards to recognize employee innovation.

What are the 1% Awards ? Well, everyone is encouraged to think up changes that will make what we do better and more efficient, even by just 1 percent. Our CEO Sam believes that tiny changes can have huge impacts and so we’re all constantly encouraged to come up with ideas.photo (78)

But the core of Indow’s values is a deep concern about climate change and desire to create a more energy efficient built environment.

“Indow is a for-profit carbon mitigation machine and concern for the environment runs through all our operations,” says Sam

Every insert is handcrafted in our factory here on North Interstate Avenue by a hard working and culturally diverse workforce including several refugees from the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization.

And as we grow and continue to see the orders pour in from around the country, we’re continually fine tuning how we do things to create the best workplace and and just a really good window insert built to last.

“Putting together a skilled production team is crucial to the success of any manufacturer,” says Sam. “Fortunately, Oregon is full of dedicated, talented individuals who have contributed to Indow’s success. We’re grateful the Portland Business Journal recognizes the importance of manufacturing in the state and region by holding one of the nation’s few public award programs for manufacturers.”

All Indow inserts are designed and assembled right here in Portland.