team only in america

It’s that time of year to celebrate the strides we have taken together as a country and to look forward to where we want to go. Many of our clients come to Indow Windows because they are only made in America, with our manufacturing facility in Portland, OR that hires American workers.

Why is it important that Indow Windows are only made in America?

There are many parts to Indow window inserts, from the compression tubing to the custom cut acrylic that fits in your historic home. But you can”t forget all the people that it takes from your initial conversation to the final installation. In addition to the knowledgeable experts who consult you in your home, there is an assembly team that cares for your Indow along the way. Each person employed by Indow Windows turns around and puts their earnings back into the local and national economy to help us all prosper. We take pride in the fact that in addition to preserving American homes, we are preserving the American way of life.

The following video is so much more than a time lapse on how we make a product. It gives a glimpse into the workings of this great country: innovating to solve a problem, forming a mission of sustainability and preservation, and then bringing together members of a local community to execute.

[youtube height=”960″ width=”715″][/youtube] We thank all of our clients and followers for your support in the American economy and in preserving our history while paving the way for a sustainable future. Happy Independence Day!