The more windows, the more light, the more connection with the outside world. No one understood this better than the California developer Joseph Eichler whose style was typified by floor-to-ceiling midcentury modern windows to “bring the outside in.”  Being in an Eichler house or a house inspired by Eichler is just good for the soul. Unless it’s the wrong climate.

insulate midcentury modern windowsThen it can be just really cold in a house full of windows. Or really hot.

Kim Herman of Seattle knows. He lives in an Eichler-esque house with 36 drafty, single-pane windows in just 1,150 square feet.

His living room features a wall of windows more than 20-feet long and almost six-feet high that sent cold winter drafts gusting around anyone who stood near. Talk about expensive to heat. But he loved his windows!

Contractors told him he would have to put siding over them or practically rebuild the whole house.

Talk about soul killing.

Then he found Indow Windows from his local dealer Neil Kelly Home Performance.

Eichler1 Michael resizeTalk about warmer in the winter! And cooler in the summer!

Even his adult son who had lived in the house for five years didn’t notice the Indow Windows when he visited even though he was sitting in a room surrounded by them. They are that subtle.

And the noise from the nearby freeway? Hushed.

Kim got energy-efficiency, comfort, his iconic home intact and quiet.

Dare we say Indow Windows are good for the soul too?