The interior of a home with a view of the sunny outdoors. Indow window inserts are installed on these bedroom windows.

Seasonal changes and harsh weather conditions can make it a challenge for homeowners to keep their homes insulated, especially in the case of older homes. Storm windows offer an affordable, easier alternative to replacing all of the units on a home. While these are sold at Lowe’s and other retailers, there are better alternatives to Lowe’s storm windows. In fact, custom options offer the same, if not better, protection while not obstructing your views. 

Wondering about the best ways to effectively and easily insulate your home? Let’s take a look at a few of today’s options. 

The Benefits of Installing Storm Windows 

If you’re looking to better insulate your home, the Department of Energy recommends using storm windows as an alternative to completely replacing older windows on a home. “Low-e exterior or interior storm windows can save you 10%–30% on heating and cooling costs, depending on the type of window already installed in the home.” 

Installing storm windows can bring better energy efficiency to your home — but they also come with a few other key benefits to homeowners: 

• Installing storm windows provides an extra layer of protection and acts as a buffer from outside noise, providing soundproofing to the home.

• Some storm windows come with a low-E coating, which offers additional protection from heat transmission.

• Lowe’s storm windows are available in different sizes for a custom fit.  

Adding storm windows offers as much protection as fully replacing your windows, “but at about one-third the cost,” according to the Department of Energy. 

The Downside of Storm Windows

There are some downsides to installing storm windows that homeowners might want to consider before heading to Lowe’s. 

For one thing, many storm windows require installing a track system on your existing window frame. And if you’re doing the job yourself, it “can be challenging for a DIYer, especially on upper floors, where the work often requires two people on extension ladders,” writes Charles Bickford for This Old House

If you need a professional’s help, “expect to pay about $50 to $200 per window for a pro installation, depending on where you live and the type of storm windows involved,” says Bickford. 

Installing storm windows to the exterior of your home can also alter the look of your exterior. Many homeowners want to avoid changing the appearance of their houses, especially if they’re historic or custom homes. 

Lowe’s offers interior storm windows that can help maintain your home’s aesthetic. But there are also other options on the market for homeowners who want the protection of storm windows without the installation challenges or impact on their home’s exterior design. 

Alternatives to Lowe’s Storm Windows 

Many homeowners have employed the use of window inserts as an alternative to storm windows. There are a variety of products on the market, but our window inserts at Indow offer solutions for protection and energy efficiency, along with a few other benefits. 

A person wearing a blue shirt and khakis installs a window insert in a window frame.

Cost and Energy Efficient

Third-party research found a 20% reduction in energy consumption when homeowners installed Indow window inserts. Heating and cooling systems won’t have to work as hard or as long, which will lower your utility expenses.

Solutions for Indoor Comfort

The inserts also help reduce outside noise by up to 70% by offering a soundproofing component to your window design. Whether you’re living next to a busy street or are worried about hearing noisy neighbors, our inserts offer ultimate comfort.

High-Quality Performance

Indow products also offer protection from heat transfer and scored in the top two out of 33 storm windows for air leakage, tested by the AERC (Attachments Energy Rating Council). They also have a U-Factor of .3, making them a top contender on insulation among all available storm windows.

Easy Installation

Our inserts are easier to install than traditional storm windows and fit into the frame of your window after being inserted. Many of the inserts can be installed by one person while some of the larger inserts might require another set of hands for ultimate ease of installation. 

Design Versatility

Indow inserts have a low-profile design that doesn’t detract from the look of the home. “The Indow inserts really blend in and you don’t notice them,” said Joseph, a homeowner who installed inserts on their historic bungalow home in Oregon. 

Homeowners have plenty of options for protecting and insulating their windows, but with a limited lifetime warranty, Indow inserts will last for the full life of the home. 

Indow for Interior Storm Windows

A close-up image of an Indow window insert.

Lowe’s offers interior and exterior options for storm windows, but today’s homeowners have a wider range of solutions available to them. Indow has worked for years to innovate the design of our window inserts and is proud to offer a product that will easily fit into any home design. 

Take a look at the window insert products we offer, or get a free estimate and get started on your project today!