Jaffrey houseInsulating vintage windows is a challenge. You don’t want to ruin the aesthetics. Plus, most vintage windows are seriously out of square! Luckily for Alistair McHarg, a novelist who loves writing poetry, he found that custom-shaped Indow window inserts provided a perfect, low profile fit.

His home, built in 1756, doesn’t have a straight line it – so cattywampus it’s “like walking on the deck of a ship.” Those imperfections are just what Alistair loves.

Not only do his floors roll, his vintage windows are all slight parallelograms and trapezoids, which is why exterior storms didn’t fit right.

Indow window inserts, fit any window no matter the shape or size, thanks to our laser measuring system.

We love old houses here at Indow – the more cattywampus, the better! It shows off what we do best after providing comfort: perfect fit. We embrace what’s off-kilter and make it work.

Insulating vintage windows is easy with custom window insertsThe McHargs bought Indow Windows for the entire first floor of their home. The difference was immediate.

“We’ve noticed changes right away,” said Alistair. “First, no more drafts. It’s quite remarkable. Next, rooms keep their warmth longer, meaning the furnace stays quiet for longer stretches. That’s a welcome development. But mostly the house just feels cozier.”

The road outside, once a dirt path, is now a much busier thoroughfare – Route 121A or Main Street in Sandown, New Hampshire.  They were told Indow Windows would make their home quieter, but they weren’t prepared for how quiet.

“The reduction in sound is amazing,” he said. “It really is such a pleasure and not something we expected.”

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