Craftsman blog captureEver wonder how easy it is to install an Indow insert? Here’s a great video by our dealer Scott Sidler, who owns Austin Home Restorations in Florida. Scott walks you through the proper steps for unboxing an Indow insert and gives a great tip on how to get rid of any static cling created by pulling off the protective film. The process couldn’t be easier.

Indow window inserts install with no mounting bracket. Our unique design uses our patented Compression Tube to hold the insert in place. Based on laser measurements we make the window inserts the exact shape of your window opening but a little bigger. So when you press the insert into place the tubing compresses evening all the way around. This creates the spring force that holds the insert in place.

Scott is an expert in all things old house and writes the lively Craftsman Blog, which we recommend everyone check out.