Why Our Prices Are Changing

We are updating the prices on our products starting on July 1, 2021. It’s not something we enjoy doing, but our component and shipping costs have increased significantly over the past year, and now so must our prices. 

This is only the second time we have raised our prices in the over ten years we have been in business. We do this as rarely as possible to have less overall effect on you, our customers. We have worked hard to avoid price increases because we want as many people as possible to be able to access comfort, quiet, and energy savings, but given our increased costs and our dedication to pay staff fairly, this is a need we cannot ignore.


We pride ourselves in paying all team members a living wage and are raising wages for entry level positions. We believe that investing in team members makes us a better company. We were able to keep all employees throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, performing no layoffs. We consider this a huge success, in part due to our early safety strategies put in place through Clean Practice

By continuing to support us, you are supporting a small, sustainable business who pays all employees a living wage, sources almost all of our materials domestically, and provides a precise measuring system with a fit guarantee and a lifetime warranty. We care deeply about your comfort, our built and natural environment, and the products we build. Those things are never changing.

customer installing indow insert for the most energy efficient windows

How Our Prices Are Changing

On July 1, 2021 prices will change for all Indow products. If you are able to place your order before the price change takes effect, we will honor our current prices. Even if your final invoice or shipment doesn’t happen until after our prices change, as long as your deposit is placed before July 1st, our current prices will apply.

We’re telling you now so you have a chance to get an order going before the change occurs. Reach out to your Fit Specialist or click the “Get a Free Estimate” button to start a conversation.

If you aren’t able to place an order now, remember, when you do you will be investing in your home by making it more comfortable and increasing its value. Our updated pricing chart is below with both price by square footage and cost per window.

New Pricing Effective July 1, 2021

Average window based on 3×4 foot window.

Grade Type Price / Square Foot Cost  / Avg Window
Standard  $30 $360
Acoustic $39 $468
Museum $39 $468
Privacy $39 $468
Shade $39 $468
Commercial $43 $516
Sleep $27 $324