Mudrooms are adorable. They are also a great for homes surrounded by wilderness where you’ll be tracking in mud. But, they are often cold and uninviting, which can be a big letdown for the first room you enter. And if the mudroom floor plan includes a window, that’s more heat escaping. So, how do you keep a mudroom warm?

mudroom with windows

Photo courtesy of Our1917Farmhouse (Instagram)


DIY Mudroom Ideas from Yellow Brick Home

Kim & Scott Vargo of Yellow Brick Home bought their Michigan Tree House as a Chicago getaway. They fell in love with it knowing it was a fixer upper, but they are experienced DIYers. They are “hooked on renovating” and love restoring old homes into their dream houses.

family in front of Michigan Tree House they are renovating

They’ve been remodeling their Michigan Tree House for 2 years and had some DIY mudroom ideas to make the entryway more comfortable, and give it a cleaner look.


How to Keep a Mudroom Warm with Window Inserts

The Michigan Tree House was built in the 1930s and came with some pretty old exterior storm windows. They weren’t really doing their job anymore—faded and worn, they didn’t provide insulation anymore, and never provided the energy efficiency window inserts do. And they weren’t doing the house any favors in the curb appeal department. 

man measuring windows for window inserts for how to keep a mudroom warm

Kim & Scott removed the old storm windows and repainted the window trim. Then they searched for how to keep a mudroom warm without compromising the home’s historic look. They found Indow window inserts, which Scott says, “…help to preserve historic character while adding modern efficiency.” The window insert was easy to install because it required no mounting hardware and just presses into place.

Watch Kim & Scott install the window insert in their Michigan Tree House


Cozy Mudroom with Window Inserts

Kim and Scott say the window insert has met all of their needs: increased efficiency, unobstructed view, and easy installation with no damage to the frame. They are looking forward to cozy weekends in their Michigan Tree House without the cold drafts interrupting their good time.

man installing window inserts for how to keep a mudroom warm

Mudrooms are the entryway to the home. They may never be grand foyers, but they should be warm and inviting. This can be difficult to accomplish with doorways and windows leaking air. Guests with cold feet won’t want to take off their shoes, no matter how muddy, if the room is full of drafts. Kim and Scott found their solution. Share your ideas on how to keep a mudroom warm in the comments.

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