Your home should be your safe space — a place where you can sit back, relax, and unwind from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There are various ways you can turn your home into the ultimate oasis that will allow you to feel complete tranquility. 

Whether you are striving to revamp your whole home or just looking to transform one specific space, this guide can help you achieve the sense of serenity you’ve always been looking for.

Woman lying in sun room. Bright, clean spaces help create an oasis of calm at home.

Develop a Plan 

Before starting this home project, develop both a financial and design plan. Mapping these out will allow you to keep yourself on track throughout the duration of your home revamp. 

To start, develop a wish list of the home improvements you have in mind. These can be little or big tasks. You can do this by creating a bulleted list of what you want to include. Once that is done, research prices to get an idea of what you could be spending for each home improvement. This allows you to see what you need to prepare for cost-wise. Having this list will also help act as a roadmap. You’ll be able to check off tasks once jobs are complete.

Person entering credit card info. Home improvement to-do lists help you budget for your home oasis.

Once you have your wish list and price ranges researched, think about how you will finance everything. Various avenues of payments you could look into consist of dipping in your savings or using credit and debit cards. Depending on how big the project is, you could also research what to know about a personal line of credit, a HELOC, or a personal loan. Some retailers also offer installment plans which will allow you to pay for products or services over a set period of time.

Design Your Dream Layout 

After you have the financial side of things all squared away, the next step you should take is designing your dream layout. You can easily do this by utilizing a virtual room designing software. If you are looking to get crafty, draw it out on paper or create a binder and gather images of statement pieces you want, color samples, fabric ideas, etc. Incorporate anything that really helps capture your vision. If you rather stay the digital route, you may also look through Pinterest or online magazines for extra inspiration.

Some people may not trust themselves when designing rooms, so if that person is you, think about asking for a little more assistance or guidance. You can do this by hiring an interior designer to help ensure you are capturing and implementing home feng shui elements. This means that you are essentially rearranging your furniture to promote balance and positive energy in your life.

Ladder and paint supplies. Consider the colors that will bring the most calm to you and your space.

Spruce Up Interior and Exterior  

When you are looking to create a calming environment, consider taking a step back and looking at the colors of your walls, the textures you use, your furniture, appliances, natural lighting, entertainment aspects, and sounds throughout your home. 

When it comes to wall colors, think about repainting that bold bright red for something more soothing like a pale pink. You could also think about researching some other peaceful paint colors to incorporate within your space. Paint colors like shades of blue, violet, green, gray, tan, white, or yellow all symbolize tranquility, so they are ideal colors to think about when making wall color decisions.

From there, think about investing in some new furniture and appliances. Consider buying a new bed for your room, getting a big comfortable couch, adding some accent pillows to your furniture, or going as big as updating all the appliances throughout your kitchen and laundry room. During this stage, you’ll also want to see what you can do to update your outdoor space. You could look into getting a hammock, an outdoor dining table, or pieces for an outdoor lounge area. Getting new furniture and appliances are great ways to give your home a little refresh.  

If you’re into luxury items and have the room, consider treating yourself to a spa, sauna, or steam room. If you have a spare room or space in your basement, you could also look into creating a dedicated area in your home to practice yoga or meditation.

Potted plants in a bright room. Live plants give a home oasis a natural, healthy feel.

Keep it Earthy

Another way to spice up your at-home oasis would be to bring the outdoors inside. This can give your home a more natural and earthy feel. Do this by decorating with several types of plants and greenery. You can get really creative with this by incorporating both floor and hanging plants throughout the space. Using accent pieces that are made out of wood, clay, marble, metal, or stone, or decorating your walls with pictures or artwork that make you feel at peace as well. Look into fabrics that have soft and subtle leafy or flowery patterns on them to match the theme of the plants, and to fully embrace the earthy feel.

Make it Spacious  

If you are looking to open up your space a little more, consider replacing your window treatments. Getting newer or bigger windows will bring more natural light into your home, which can ultimately make it feel more spacious. If you’re into organizing and decluttering, this task could be a fantastic way to remove any unwanted clutter and leave you with more open space for new and improved items. You can do this by utilizing storage space you may already have or by purchasing a storage unit to store bigger items you may not be ready to get rid of yet. This can be a great way to declutter your living space for utmost relaxation and tranquility.

Bright bedroom with Indow insert. Insulating windows allows you to open blinds for a bright space.

Ease Your Senses

To tie it all together, implement different ways to drain out excess noise that may make you feel uneasy. This is especially important for those who may live in a busy area with loud traffic or individuals who may have loud neighbors. 

One tip would be to soundproof your windows. This can easily be a small DIY project and realistically only requires you to add window inserts. Another idea would be to implement a white noise or sound machine for some subtle sounds that can be heard around your home. You may also want to look into incorporating water features as well. Some benefits of having an indoor water feature include increased humidity while providing you with a soothing soundscape.

No matter how grand or small you plan on making this home update, utilizing these tips can help ease the planning process and help you get on the right track and closer to creating your real at-home oasis.