Hot windows?

Do you need to know how to block sunlight heat from windows? You walk in, it’s so stuffy it’s almost hard to breathe, and you think, “I could roast a chicken in here!” Beth Bryan in Alabama had something like that with her upstairs attic, which was also her office.

It’s a lovely space with white walls and dark wood floors, a globe, and a sign that says “Let it be.” It’s where she writes her blog Unskinny Boppy in which she muses on everything from her children to how to throw a stylish and inspiring Outlander party. She is all things home, comfort and family.

one window without an insert shows a thermostat at 91 degrees, one window with an inserts shows a thermostat at 75 degrees: how to block sunlight heat from windows

Cool Down with Shade Grade Inserts

Beth’s office desk faces a window due West, which can make it hard to muse when it’s roasting hot. We supplied her with a UV blocking Shade Grade insert that blocks heat from windows and reduces UV light by 90%. It took 10 minutes to unpack and install. Beth couldn’t have been happier that she now knows how to block sun heat from windows, lowering the temperature from 91 to 75 degrees.

“My attic-turned-office is a nice cool place to work now!” she writes in her blog.


How to Block Sun Heat From Windows

Reducing heat in a room begins with blocking sun heat from entering it. If you have hot windows that are facing west and covered in sunlight, you’ll want to use heat-blocking window inserts. Window inserts block excess heat while allowing natural light to enter.


Block Sun Heat from Windows, Top Considerations:

  • Window faces West.
  • Climate is southern and hot much of the year.
  • High air-conditioning bills.
  • Room needs to be cool for sleep.

One Comfortable Blogger

Beth loved how the insert blended into the window frame so it’s hard to notice it’s there. We’re just happy she’s more comfortable so she can keep the blog posts coming!

If you have a super hot room that’s making your air conditioner work overtime, think about investing in some Shade Grade window inserts that will help keep your space cool without spiking your energy bills.


When it comes to working at a desk, be it from home or in an office, excess noise is an even more common problem than heat. Check out our resource for soundproofing office windows to see if our solution is a fit for your space.

Indow is fully operational making window inserts that bring comfort and quiet to your home and work spaces. Our production team is using Clean Manufacturing principles we have developed to keep them safe. No one needs to enter your home to measure or install our inserts. We ship a self-service measure kit (sanitized between each use) and deliver the inserts to your door. Just pull the insert from the box and they are ready for installation. We look forward to serving you.
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