Window inserts are a great option for fixing drafty double-pane windows

Who put baby in the corner of this double-pane?

Double-pane windows promise an insulation value double that of single-pane but don’t always deliver. Pat Bushway bought a 29-year-old house in Hampton, New Hampshire with double-pane windows that blew drafts as if they were old-fashioned single-pane windows. She thought replacing her drafty double-pane windows with new replacement windows was a bad option.

“My double-pane windows  just really drafty,” Pat said.

Pat called Indow and bought 24 of our custom window inserts to make her home more comfortable for winter so she could get away from blow drying plastic sheeting over her view to the outside world. She is now enjoying superb comfort now that her Indow window inserts block all of the drafts that came through her double-pane windows.

Another double-pane window story that caught our attention could be a cautionary tale about moving too quickly to replace single-pane windows with expensive double-panes. A report by The Snell Group found problems in 10-year-old double-pane windows filled with argon gas made by a reputable company. Just 10 years old! Condensation formed in the center and some even imploded. The reason? The report found that argon escaped from the window but wasn’t easily replaced by air, creating negative pressure in the space between the two panes. That pushed the two panes of glass close together, which led to heat transfer and during the right conditions, condensation in the window’s center.

Remember this: Indow Windows provide real double-pane performance at a fraction of the price and leave beautiful old windows intact.

Are you having similar trouble with your double-pane windows? Ask for the free white paper by The Snell Group, A Unique Thermal Problem Found in Certain Double-Glazed Windows (Hint: click on buildings.)

Often people seek out Indow window inserts when they have older homes with just a single-pane of glass separating them from the cold weather outside, but we work wonders on newer homes with more modern windows that just aren’t performing as they should be.