Indow window inserts are a conference room noise reduction solution

photos (c) dennis drenner 2015

If a fire truck or police car blaring a siren drove by the building, employees at Immersion Active had to end any conference calls that might be going on. Too loud. No one could hear anything. That problem was partially rooted in what made the 1888 historic building so awesome: pressed tin ceilings and walls that had visual charm but helped accentuate the din from Market Street below and contributed to a tremendous echoing effect.

Also, the windows faced west so they bore the brunt of storms, rattling in the wind, which created drafts. The building is in a historic district. Replacing with wood replicas for window noise reduction would have required approval from the historic preservation commission not to mention roughly $100,000. 

Immersion Active in Frederick, MD for Indow. photos (c) dennis drenner 2015

photos (c) dennis drenner 2015

Sound reducing windows seemed difficult to achieve. Then the digital marketing company in Frederick, Maryland learned about Indow interior inserts, which don’t have a damaging track or magnetic system, making them a good fit for historic beautiful old windows.

Indow dealer SuperGreen Solutions in Maryland laser measured the 13 windows and also helped

move the blinds, which “way exceeded my expectations,” said David Weigelt, president and cofounder of Immersion Active. The conference room was now quiet. Not only were the chilly drafts gone, but the inserts helped regulate the temperature of the building which would see steep dips once the heat clicked off.

The room was so comfortable employees started gravitating there just to do their work. Now, David has to shoo people out when he needs the room for training or a client. Also, he likes that the inserts blend into the windows so “you can’t even tell they’re there.”  He plans to install more Indow inserts: a 30-ton HVAC system on the side of the building makes a loud hum and is especially distracting in the summer when the air conditioner kicks on and off.

Hush that noise!