As rough winter weather approaches, Indow has found ways to keep delivering comfort and quiet to its customers while reducing climate changing carbon emissions. Indow has seen shocks to its supply chain and upheaval in consumer demand due to the pandemic, but has adapted by staying focused on having a positive impact on customers lives by helping them prepare their homes for winter.

child touching Indow insert at installed in window with snow outside

The National Weather Service is encouraging all residents to prepare their homes now in the face of upcoming extreme winter weather. They warn that it just takes one event to cause great and lasting harm to your home. Winter outlook for 2021: below normal precipitation is slightly favored.

Indow was founded in 2010, delivering an easy-to-use window insulation solution in an elegant form. CEO & Founder Sam Pardue sought to create a for-profit enterprise which would help solve the problem of underperforming windows – the most likely culprit in home energy loss. This solution also helps with home comfort and sustainability. As of November 2020, installed Indow window inserts have reduced C02 emissions by 72,750 ton.


The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted consumer habits and demand. As the pandemic kept homeowners and renters inside working from home, home comfort and quiet increased in importance. Who wants to do a video call with outside noise coming through home office windows? Indow window inserts offer an easy, DIY window comfort and soundproofing solution customers can complete from the comfort of their homes. 

Indow is finding its mission resonates with customers right now. In November, 2020 Indow won the Oregon Entrepreneurship Award (OEN): Disruption Edition in the GIVE category. OEN said this of organizations nominated for the category: “…they have shown true leadership by finding ways to support their communities, not just their companies. They’ve supported each other, lifted each other up, prioritized the greater good, and taken concrete action to build a whole that is greater than the sum of its part.”


“In the ten years that Indow has been in operation, we have stayed true to our values of helping the environment and people. This has informed our business practices to help us grow and succeed over a decade. In a time of great crisis, it has helped us adapt and stay resilient,” said CEO Sam Pardue.