block solar heat with Indow window insertsSummer in New Mexico is hot. But this year Beverly was convinced she had been experiencing a cooler than average summer. When she learned it had actually been hotter than normal, she knew why: she had discovered how to block solar heat gain with Shade Grade Indow window inserts on her home’s 19 windows.

“I used to have to close the blinds and pull the curtains to keep the afternoon sun from baking the bedroom. Now I can have the Indow Windows alone.”

This is our newest grade and one we’re super excited about since it’s perfect for those hot, dusty climates with unrelenting sun. Shade Grade helps block the solar heat gain through Beverly’s windows making her 1930 Mediterranean bungalow more comfortable when the sun is blazing. She hasn’t run her evaporative cooler as much and is looking forward to lower energy bills.

She also appreciates that Shade Grade lessons the harsh white glare she sees when she looks out her windows. Legally blind, she used to have to put on sunglasses to look outside. Now her windows have them thanks to Indow Window’s dealer, Current C Energy Systems in Albuquerque.

“New Mexico sun is extremely strong in the summer,” she said. “It’s so bright I keep the blinds closed. Now I can leave my blinds open more and get more of the outside inside.”