For the past eleven years, Indow has worked with dealers who help measure and install our products in customers’ homes. We’ve also operated on a dealer first model. This meant that if we had a dealer operating in a territory, we would require a client to work with them. We are happy to announce that we are shifting our customer experience to a customer-led model as of October 1, 2021. Instead of picking the service choice for our clients, our clients are now in full control of how they would like to measure and install their window inserts.

Man sitting in front of window with Indow window insert installed

When you want to find out more about a product, get pricing, or place an order, you have these three options:

  1. Completely self-led through our instant comfort tool. You create your own estimate, go through our qualification form, complete a deposit, and get sent a kit. All without having to speak with a representative unless we have a question about your qualification form.
  2. Connect with our team members who know the product inside and out. They will assist in answering questions about your space and making sure the product is a good fit. If Indow is not the best solution for your home, we commit to telling you the truth.
  3. Get referred to our network of dealers and contractors. If you are unable to measure and install yourself, we will review if someone in our network is available to service your area. Our list is growing, and if someone is not yet available, it is easy for you to hire a task-based service (ex. TaskRabbit or Handyman Services) for assistance. We will gladly work with them on supplying instructions and support.

To get started, simply fill out one of our forms and let us know what you need. 

We want to sincerely thank our dealer network for their many years of service in working with our clients. Our dealers are locally owned businesses and this shift isn’t easy, so we thank them for their collaboration and continued work in bringing our clients comfort. We look forward to this next chapter where we know our customers will find more satisfaction in controlling how they want service and what price they pay for it. We look forward to serving you.