They could be beautiful, historic or even high-quality, but if your windows are letting in air, you’ve got a problem. If you’re facing this issue at your home or business, you may be wondering how to stop drafty windows. Do you have to replace them outright? Are there other effective ways to stop drafty windows? Fortunately, there’s good news. Rather than paying for all new windows to be installed at your location, you have several alternatives for drafty window repair.

Why Windows Get Drafty

fix drafty windows with broken seals

Old windows weather over time and even good windows will need some maintenance over the long haul. Glazing putty can fall away, cracks can develop, caulking can degrade, and some types of windows can shrink with age. If your windows are letting in cold air or not working as well as they could, your energy bill is probably suffering for it. That’s why it’s worthwhile to look for ways to fix drafty windows and extend their usefulness.

In fact, there are several ways to breathe new life into your existing windows without shelling out big money for replacements. If you’re looking for the best way to fix drafty windows and improve efficiency, here are six simple methods to consider:

  • Use interior storm windows or inserts —The beauty of interior storm windows is that they fit directly into your existing window frames, require minimal effort to install and significantly improve insulation. They don’t change the look of your windows, preserving their original beauty or historic charm, and they cost less than a full window replacement. They also can improve energy efficiency.
  • Repair, replace or add new weatherstripping — One way to prevent a draft from windows is with plastic weatherstripping. Install it along the side sashes and instantly improve the window’s insulation from outside temperatures.
  • Reglaze the window panes — The glazing putty that seals window panes into the frame is prone to degradation over time. Removing all the existing putty and replacing it with fresh material can improve your windows’ insulation for a few dollars and a little bit of time and effort.
  • Cover cracks with nail polish — Do you have cracked window glass that you can’t afford to fix or replace right away? Here’s a DIY trick worth trying. Carefully apply clear nail polish to fill the crack. This should buy you a little time until you’re able to replace the broken window or invest in a more long-term solution.
  • Get a window draft stopper — Sometimes called door snakes, draft stoppers are easy to find online and simple to use. Even better, there are window versions available. To use, simply lay the stopper across your window sill to block drafts.
  • Wrap the windows with film — During seasons when you know you won’t be opening your windows, you may want to apply insulating film. Held by double-sided tape and easy to mount, shrink film can create an airtight seal over your existing windows.

Benefits of Indow Insulated Windows

If you’re looking for a convenient and attractive option for insulating drafty windows, insulated window inserts from Indow are easily the top choice. They’re lower in cost than replacement windows and provide a major improvement in efficiency. They not only increase insulation and reduce drafts, but also add a layer of soundproofing. Plus, they’re fully customized to perfectly fit your existing windows and are designed to be easy and quick to install and remove. Wherever you live and whatever the size of your windows, Indow storm window inserts are the ideal solution.

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