Block Drafts and Noise in the Office

Facility managers know the value of office soundproofing. They’re the ones tenants and employees complain to when outside noise like construction, trains or traffic makes it hard to concentrate on work. Since most noise enters through the windows, it’s easy to reduce it – and block cold drafts – with window inserts. Read on to learn how to soundproof an office with Indow inserts.

soundproofing office windows

Contactless Office Soundproofing

There are many noise reduction solutions you can use in the office. If you have an office space you can’t redesign or request major improvements on, window inserts are one of the most impactful and least intrusive solutions you can invest in. And they can be installed in hours.

Indow window inserts press into the inside of windows to add insulation against noise. The compression tubing creates a tight seal, blocking sound from entering. The high-grade acrylic panels are better at absorbing sound than glass. The seal also creates a dead air space between the panel and the window, insulates further against sound.

All of these combined can reduce noise up to 50% – 70% depending on the type of windows they are added to. The inserts are an easily removable upgrade that causes no harm to the frame or surrounding walls – a great benefit for those leasing an office space.


Office Noise Reduction Solutions & Benefits:

  • Eliminate distracting noise for staff and office visitors.
  • Stop the need for space heaters by increasing thermal comfort.
  • Average 20 percent savings on energy bills.
  • Create a greener office.

Soundproofing Improves Employee Happiness

Immersion Active’s employees knew they needed office noise reduction solutions when they would have to pause conference calls as fire trucks or other traffic drove by their Frederick, Maryland building. The noise came straight through the single-pane windows, which was an embarrassment and a waste of time. Then they found Indow window inserts.

“Now people gravitate to those rooms because they’re so quiet compared to the other rooms,” said co-founder and president David Weigelt.

Commercial window inserts are available in Acoustic Grade, which reduce outside noise by up to 70% when placed over single-pane windows. When placed over operable double-pane windows, the inserts reduce noise by 12 dBA, equivalent to a 50% reduction in noise and an STC rating of 42-45.*


Instant Employee Happiness in the Workplace

The Ballston Tower’s tenants started to increasingly complain about construction noise during the redevelopment of the Ballston Mall in Arlington, Virginia. Then the property manager installed Indow inserts.

“All the complaints we were getting, stopped,” said Jacob Sickels. “From our point of view, they worked perfectly.”

Uncomfortable employees are distracted employees. With their airtight seal, Indow inserts create a space conducive to concentration.

soundproofing office windows

*We want to ensure our inserts help solve your noise problem. Overall noise reduction depends on the amount of noise coming through your walls, ceilings, floors, doors, and existing windows. Noise reduction will be less when placed over double-pane windows. Read our full Noise Reduction Sheet to learn more.


The ROI of Saying “No” to Window Replacement

Arlington County government in Virginia used Indow inserts to convert an office building with fixed windows into a homeless shelter.  Replacing the windows would have cost more than $1 million and required exterior scaffolding. For less than 20% of that, the county installed 304 window inserts and said goodbye to plastic sheeting and expensive space heaters that are dangerous if left on. The 50-year-old single-pane windows instantly performed like new double-panes.


Don’t take our word for how well these inserts insulate. The thermal imaging photos below show what they can do for your building. A U.S. Department of Energy study found Indow inserts reduced energy use in a Seattle home by 20 percent.

soundproofing office windows
soundproofing office windows

Office Soundproofing Increases Market Value

Before Foto Crush agreed to rent space in the Olympic Mills building in Portland, the marketing firm asked the property manager to soundproof the office to block the train noise. Instead of replacing the windows, Mike Larkin installed Indow window inserts as their office noise reduction solution, which also made the space more comfortable by eliminating drafts.

“We realized that if we fixed our window problem we could lease the space for market rates… instead of leasing far below market,” said the Elliott Associates broker and property manager. “The return on the investment has been outstanding – and we like happy tenants.”


Indow inserts are the alternative to replacement windows that make your office space more worker-friendly, cost-effective and energy efficient. We have a pilot program to test our window inserts in one room of your building. To check for their availability in your area, enter your zip code in the form below.

Indow offers mullions for commercial and large residential projects. Mullions split the surface area of a window frame in two, making it possible to accommodate your largest underperforming windows with multiple Indow window inserts. Multiple panels in a single window frame joined by a mullion allows for a quicker, easier installation and allows you to access your windows by removing one of two smaller inserts.

Mullions come in a variety of colors to match your business’s window frames. We custom cut mullions to fit your window frames, and we can accommodate windows up to 8’ high or wide.

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