Navigating the World of Storm Windows

Storm windows can make your home more comfortable by insulating your windows from cold drafts and outside noise. A more insulated home leads to lower energy bills and higher savings. But, which styles of storm windows are best for your home and what types of window insulation do you need? We’re here to explain the different types of storm windows and how they can help your home.

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There are many types of storm windows of varying quality and design. To get the best insulated window for your situation, ask yourself a few questions: Do outside noises such as traffic or neighbors bother me? Are the aesthetics of my original windows important to me? Do I need to be able to remove the storm windows easily?

Storm windows come in two broad categories: exterior and interior. You can have one, or the other, or both together for added insulation. Exterior storm windows protect your original windows from the elements and insulate your home. Interior storm windows insulate your home and have many other benefits as well.

Read below about the benefits of exterior and interior storm windows and why they are better than replacing your windows. Check out our exterior  vs. interior storm window guide to learn the pros and cons of each, and which is better for you.

Types of Storm Windows

Exterior Storm Windows

These attach to the outside of your window frame by a wood or aluminum casing via screws and caulk. The storm window pane can be removed (for cleaning or pane replacement) usually by releasing pins found around the casing. The casing is generally semi-permanent. Most exterior storm windows have weep holes to allow any moisture that accumulates between the layers to evaporate. Because of this, the exterior storm cannot create a near airtight seal or dead air space.

Interior storm windows

Sometimes called window inserts, these are attached to or pressed into place on the inside of your window frame. Glass, vinyl, or acrylic panels fit into a frame that is attached to your window frame through tracking, magnets, or adhesive. The material is usually custom fit to your windows. Some come in DIY kits so you can create your own. Interior storm windows have the possibility of creating a perfect seal.

indow perfect seal storm windows

Indow® window inserts, a type of interior storm window, are custom fit, acrylic glazed, and edged in compression tubing to create a near airtight seal. Acrylic glazing is lightweight and more transparent than glass. They press into your window frame and can be installed and removed easily without causing damage to your home. Invisible from the exterior, they blend in with your window frames.

Indow window inserts were found to reduce energy use by over 20% in a study performed by the U.S. Department of Energy. Many homeowners also use them to help with soundproofing a room or noise abatement throughout their house.

Chart of Types with Benefits
indow window insert storm windows chart

Benefits of All Storm Windows


Exterior storm windows can protect your windows from harsh weather to extend their life.


Window insulation saves money on energy bills.

Energy Efficiency

Blocking cold and heat from your house creates a more energy-efficient home year round and reduces your carbon footprint.

Added Benefits of Interior Storm Windows


Using interior perfect seal storm windows (with a near airtight seal) helps create a dead air space between it and your original window. That helps block outside noise to soundproof your home since anywhere air can get in, noise can too. Read more about soundproofing a room by blocking noise through windows.

dealer installing indow perfect seal storm windows with special shape

Special Shapes & Shades

Some companies offer special geometry inserts to fit non-rectangular windows. You can read about the process Indow uses for odd-shaped windows. Similarly, some companies offer different glazing types for UV blocking, privacy, extra noise blocking, etc. Here’s where you can view all Indow interior storm insert grades descriptions.

Why Not Just Go with Window Replacement?

If you have an historic, or just older house, with original old growth wood windows, count yourself lucky. Original windows can enhance the value of your home and if they’re maintained and cared for, they can last indefinitely.

Window replacement isn’t just costly, it can damage the aesthetic of your home. The windows and window frames of your house are a part of the original design and should remain intact. Old growth wood window frames and handblown wavy glass are irreplaceable and with the best storm windows, you can reap the benefits of modern double-pane windows without replacing your windows. Your home is an investment you should protect and custom storm windows are an easy, cost-effective way to do that.

homeowner installing diy replacement storm windows

Storm windows are easier to install than replacing your windows and require little to no construction (which is good since most homes built before 1978 contain lead paint). If you remove your windows, take care not to contaminate your home with lead dust.

Keep Researching to Find The Best Storm Windows for You

Good luck in finding the best storm windows that work for you. We just threw a lot of information at you, so keep reading (when you feel like it) and thinking about what will best benefit your home.

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