Find Indow window reviews from customers and industry experts here. Customers have submitted Indow inserts reviews from all over the country. We’ve gathered some of the most helpful reviews, so use this page as a jumping off point to explore.

We take all customer feedback seriously. It’s what helps us continually innovate and spurred us to become the strong company we are today. We consider these Indow window reviews as an on-going conversation with customers that’s helping us improve each day.

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Followup window inserts reviews years after installation.

Quotes from Customers
indow window review quote
indow window review quote
indow window review quote
Indow Video Reviews

Customer Review

man holding window insert - still from indow video review by customer 

This customer created an Indow review video about sound reduction in his bedroom. He deals with traffic noise and his neighbors run a dog daycare right outside his window.

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Customer Interview

hand pressing Indow window insert into place - still from Indow customer interview 

We followed up with Maggie 4 years after her Indow inserts were installed. Watch to see how she feels years later.

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Window Expert Review

scott sidler demonstrating the use of Indow window inserts 

Scott Sidler runs a restoration company and a handyman advice site The Craftsman Blog. He’s used Indow inserts for years and created this great review video.

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Case Studies

We go into the homes of Indow customers to ask: what issues they were dealing with, how the insert installation went, and what differences the inserts have brought to their space.

Soundproofing Windows in NYC

new york apartment with large windows and soundproof window inserts

Laurie was looking for a way to make her converted warehouse apartment more efficient and quiet. We followed up to see if Indow inserts were keeping out the bar noise.

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Energy Saving in Historic Home

historic home with energy saving window inserts

Josh & Kim updated their 1918 bungalow, but kept its character. We checked in to see how the renovations and energy upgrade went.

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Drafty Reading Nook

woman sitting next to windows with window inserts that fixed her drafty reading nook

All Ann wanted was a comfortable place to read her books, but her double-pane windows let in too much cold air. We went to see her after her Indow inserts were installed.

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Indow Reviews on Social

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