The Society Hotel Gets Quiet, Stays Classy.


One of the most prominent features of The Society Hotel in Portland, OR is the eight-foot tall arched single-pane windows. Preserving these historic windows was an essential component of the redevelopment project. But the hotel owners knew they needed to make soundproofing their hotel windows a main goal of the upgrade to keep their trendy guests happy.

They no longer make windows like they did in 1881. Back then, window glass was an outgrowth of bottle making. Glass blowers would create a cylinder of molten glass, slit it open and then put it into an oven to wilt into a sheet that had slight ripples.

Originally, the Victorian era building was lodging for sailors who looked out through that wavy glass. Now, newly renovated, it is a hip boutique hotel in vibrant Old Town. To preserve the building’s charm, Jonathan Cohen knew he and his business partners needed to keep the historic windows intact. But they wanted to make them energy efficient since they’re working towards LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. And he wanted to reduce noise coming from nearby nightclubs by adding soundproofing to the hotel windows.

soundproofing hotel windows

Originally, they installed Indow inserts just on the south and east sides of the building, which were drafty and the hotel windows needed the most soundproofing. But the windows on the west side of The Society Hotel facing the alley, while not as noisy, were freezing last winter. To combat the chill, the managers used portable electric heaters. Once they installed Indow inserts in those windows, the need for heaters dropped markedly.

soundproofing hotel windows - guest comfort

The inserts definitely helped with soundproofing the hotel windows, especially the high-frequency sounds. “The Indow window inserts make it feel like a more modern interior space,” said Jonathan. “It’s not like the noises are completely gone, but they’re much more muffled.” Guests are happier and a piece of Portland’s Old Town history has been preserved.

How much do soundproof windows cost? Window inserts are generally less expensive compared to replacing existing windows. Vinyl windows average $66-87 /sf and wood windows $71-$109 /sf. Indow window inserts average $30-$43 /sf MSRP and are priced according to the custom measurements you provide.

Volume pricing is available for commercial jobs. View our Pilot Program to get started in just one room to see if soundproof window inserts are the right fit for you.

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