If you take one glance at Ashley’s Instagram you know that she loves: style, old things, and her family. So, when she was making decisions about her modern farmhouse kitchen renovation, those factors were front of mind. She already knew farmhouse window treatments that would keep her family comfortable, let her keep her old windows, and keep the kitchen stylish and full of light – she’d worked with Indow window inserts before.

Ashley and her husband have been renovating their 1917 farmhouse ever since they bought it. While they love the traditional things about the old farmhouse – the farmhouse kitchen decor, rustic style, another farmhouse feature – they also like a few modern updates in their old home. They also aren’t the most traditional when it comes to remodeling.

farmhouse window treatments in victorian library

A Victorian Library Walks Into a Farmhouse

Ashley first installed Indow window inserts in her Victorian farmhouse library. Yup, you read that right, Ashley included a Victorian library in her old farmhouse remodel. She has always loved old houses and just because she fell for a 1917 farmhouse doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have a beautiful Victorian library tucked inside. The issue arose when she began bringing in her valuable book collection.

woman installing farmhouse window treatments in library

Her hundreds of books, some nearly 200 hundred years old, couldn’t be exposed to daily light or they would fade and deteriorate. Ashley installed Indow Museum grade window inserts, which block UV and help regulate the temperature. Since then, the library has been a haven, for the books and for Ashley who often uses the room as an office—she gets natural light for reading, but all her books are protected.


Updating Farmhouse Kitchen Windows with Inserts


As Ashley put the finishing touches on her kitchen remodel (is a remodel ever finished?), she noticed her farmhouse kitchen windows still needed an upgrade. The windows sit right above her gorgeous sink where she and her husband cut fresh flowers and prepare meals for their family. They love being able to look out on their view and have natural light flood their kitchen.

We sent Ashley and Kyle a measuring kit and Kyle says the measuring process was “super easy”. Once the inserts arrived, Ashley says it was “20 second installation per window”. You can watch the measure and install process in their video:


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel: Easy, Not Breezy

Adding insulation from hot drafts through the summer months will make dinners a breeze (actually the opposite of breeze). Ashley and Kyle got everything they wanted out of their Indow inserts: no more drafts, same farmhouse style kitchen, and a big energy upgrade (including all that sunlight instead of electric). They also got to keep their gorgeous kitchen view to make washing dishes interesting.

Indow window inserts in farmhouse remodel

There are more options available, just like the UV-blocking inserts in their library. Privacy window inserts bring the benefits of reduced drafts and noise, but are also translucent. This way those inside enjoy natural light around the house while those outside see only obscured images. Whatever your needs, if you are interested in upgrading your windows without losing their aesthetic, fill out our form below to speak to one of our window experts.


We offer custom solutions to a variety of window performance issues, from insulation and draft-blocking to noise penetration. Click the links above to discover how Indow window inserts solve each issue, and find the Indow grade that’s the best fit for your needs.

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