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Creating Quiet with Acoustic Window Inserts

///Creating Quiet with Acoustic Window Inserts
Creating Quiet with Acoustic Window Inserts2018-07-30T22:15:39+00:00

Soundproof Windows With Inside Storm Window Inserts


James Banta’s historic neighborhood had become increasingly noisy. But James wasn’t about to move since he was tied to his home by family history. Still, he needed quiet and a way to soundproof his windows, which lead him to Indow’s acoustical window inserts.

James has deep roots in St. Augustine, Florida, which itself is the oldest permanent European occupied settlement in the U.S., established in 1565. His mother, Mary Louise Ponce, is a direct descendant of Juan Ponce de Leon, who named Florida after leading the first European expedition there. James’ home, built in the 1930s by his mother’s half brother, is in a structure behind what was once his family’s funeral home.

But the quiet street his 97-year-old mother recalls from days when people would simply ask the telephone operator to connect them to “#3” for the funeral home, are long gone. The Victorian home behind him was demolished 20 years ago and replaced with a parking lot and a noisy pub. With the windows shut, he still couldn’t even hear his own TV.


Quiet Windows Means Quality of Life


“The inserts have improved the quality of my life,” he said.”You can see the action outside but you can’t hear the noise.”

His single-pane windows are such thin glass, it isn’t even made anymore. Outside noise easily penetrated it. “The noise had started getting on my nerves,” he said.

Since he’s in a historic district, he looked into replacing the old windows at the back of the house with quieter double-pane wood replicas, but that would have cost an estimated $17,500. Also, the house had just been repainted and the floors redone. New windows would have torn up his home for 10 days and required more repainting.

Then he heard about Indow. Indow’s range of panels perform like inside storm window inserts, with Acoustic Grade giving the effect of soundproof windows for a fraction of the cost of replacement windows. A local dealer, Alternative Window Solutions, came out to laser measure the windows that needed Acoustic Grade inserts.

Once they went in, he noticed an immediate difference. He has deeply inset windows with white plantation shutters. The inserts blend in so well, “you can’t tell they’re there.”

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