Steve-QuillianDo you live in an old home with awesome historic windows that could use a little love? Maybe you’ve thought to yourself, “Someday, I’m going to hire someone to come in and scrape off that paint so my windows can open, someone who will replace that rotted wood and get these looking beautiful again.” Hopefully, you’re also thinking to yourself, “I just love how this old glass is wavy and slightly warps the view outside my window.” (Because that’s just the best kind of window to have since glass like that is hard to come by.)

And you also may be thinking: “That’s a BIG, expensive project. I’ll just deal for a while longer.” Well, Steve Quillian, a preservation expert who runs Wood Window Makeover in Tampa, Florida, wants you to know that it’s not that hard to restore windows yourself. And it’s not that expensive to get started.

You can learn directly from Steve by watching our Window Hero Webinar recording.

He is big on empowering people to learn the skills necessary to do restoration. Why is that? Because he believes buildings preserve the stories and legacies of the families and communities who use them, something that fuels his passion for historic preservation and giving back. He and other preservation experts each year teach window restoration techniques to people from around the country by doing hands-on work for a local charity. If people feel like they’re capable of restoration work, they’ll do it more often and more homes and buildings will be preserved.

Here’s something Steve likes to say, “It’s not good because it’s old, it’s old because it’s good!”

We couldn’t agree more. Watch Steve’s webinar. You might just be inspired to get to work on your windows!

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