How Much Do Storm Windows Cost?

If your windows are leaking air or are exposed to bad weather on a regular basis, exterior storm windows may seem like the most cost-effective option compared to fully replacing every window in your home. And while they are certainly cheaper and easier to install, there may be some unforeseen costs that creep up unexpectedly.

The cost does not stop at the initial purchase price. It is important to factor in installation, repairs, maintenance, and additional features you may want for added protection. We’ve calculated the anticipated costs of exterior storm windows and have broken it down for you so you can make the right decision when it comes to sealing and protecting your windows.

Exterior Storm Windows: A Brief Overview

Storm windows come with a host of benefits, especially for those concerned about energy costs and bad weather conditions. There are many types and styles to choose from, but their purpose is largely the same across the board.

Here are some of the pros and cons to take into consideration when looking to invest in exterior storm windows.


The biggest benefit of exterior storm windows is that they are a much cheaper option compared to replacing the entire window. So, if your windows are old, expelling air, or at risk of environmental damage, exterior storm windows are a great way to add some extra protection while saving money upfront.

Exterior storm windows are also preferred because they can sometimes blend into the home to maintain curb appeal. Some storm windows are designed to be difficult to see or distinguish from the existing window frame. Some can stand out and add an extra pop of color, so you can get a design upgrade at the same time.

They are known to provide protection from storms, but some storm windows also provide protection from UV rays. Storm windows can provide some noise reduction, but because of their weep holes, they aren’t recommended if this is your primary issue.

Properly installed exterior storm windows also prevent air leakage and aid in heat retention which helps cut costs on energy bills and creates a greener home.


While the benefits of exterior storm windows seem appealing, there are a few considerations that may have you continuing your search for replacement window alternatives.

Exterior storm windows can be tricky to install because of their bulky and heavy characteristics. They usually require a professional to ensure they are put in properly, especially when trying to install them in hard-to-reach places. If you’re trying to install these windows yourself, using a ladder to reach higher stories is dangerous and can put you at risk for serious injuries. Plus, if these windows are installed wrong, they won’t serve their purpose.

They also can be difficult to remove which may need to be done seasonally if you want to be able to open your windows during the warmer months. That means you may have to remove and reinstall the storm windows every year, taking up a lot of time and money. They also generally require more maintenance than your normal windows.

While they do help with heat and cold protection, there are better options available if that is the main goal. Condensation buildup between the regular window and the storm window is also possible if not properly installed.

And depending on where you live and the type of home you have—especially if you live in a historic home— exterior storm windows may not pass approval.

Exterior Storm Windows Cost

Storm windows may save you money on replacement windows and are more cost-effective upfront than some other alternatives, but maintenance and upkeep can cause some unforeseen costs. These unexpected expenses may help you decide whether or not they are worth the investment.

Here are some extra costs you should anticipate when choosing to install exterior storm windows.

Repair & Replacement

Exterior storm windows act as a layer of protection for your actual windows. But being on the frontlines of defense against storms and the elements, the storm windows will likely get damaged at some point. While the cost to repair or replace the storm windows is cheaper than replacing the existing windows, it can still take a chunk of money out of your wallet.

On average, repairing a storm window costs between $25 and $200 a window. You may be able to repair it on your own, but the materials and labor to do so normally cost more than hiring a professional.

However, sometimes a storm window is damaged beyond repair and needs replacement. Depending on the materials and the shape of the windows, this can cost from $100-400 per window, depending on the material. That is a costly investment to upkeep.


Storm windows do require quite a bit of maintenance to keep them working properly and effectively. They need to be cleaned, and the tracks need to be lubricated regularly every season. They may also need new caulking to prevent air leakage.

These things aren’t too expensive or time-consuming to do, but the costs can accumulate over the years. Also, it may be hard to clean, lubricate, and caulk exterior storm windows located on higher floors. Maintaining the storm windows in multi-level buildings can prove to be challenging and may not be worth the safety risk and time investment.


When calculating the upfront cost of exterior storm windows, it is important to factor in the installation costs to get an accurate estimate. Depending on the size and how easy it is to install, installation is expected to cost from $65 upwards per window.

This quickly adds up when looking to cover every single window in the home, and the cost increases with difficult installations, like multi-story houses. In addition, you can expect expenses to elevate during labor or material shortages.

With this being said, it is still better to leave the installation up to the professionals to ensure the storm windows are working properly and effectively serving the purpose you purchased them for.

Removal of the Old Storm Window

Obviously, installation is going to cost money, but so does removing the windows. Removal may have to take place if you want to replace the storm window with a new one or with another alternative.

This can cost between $25 and $50 per window, including the labor to remove the windows and the cost of disposal. Again, it does not seem like a steep price for a single window but quickly becomes pricey when looking at multiple removals.


Not all exterior storm windows come with screens. This may not seem like an issue during the colder months, but if you want to open the windows for a cool breeze during the summer without bugs flying in, you will want the screens. This can mean an additional cost of $20-$50 per window to have them added.

Stabilizer Bars (Optional)

Stabilizer bars are optional and not always necessary, but they add more structural strength to the windows. This can increase the durability and add to the lifespan of the storm windows, which saves costs in replacements. The stabilizer bars cost between $20-$40 per bar.

Weatherstripping (Optional)

Weatherstripping increases the effectiveness of the storm windows by sealing the edges to make them more airtight. This helps with the home’s energy efficiency and is recommended for areas with extreme climates. The entire weatherstripping would cost around $200.

To make it easier on you, we made a chart that breaks down each expense and the average cost:

Expenses Cost Range
Repair Cost $25 - $200 per Window
Replacement Cost $100 - $400 per windows
Installation Cost $65+ per window
Removal Cost $25 - $50 per window
Screens Cost $25 - $50 per window
Stabilizer Bars (Optional) $20 - $40 per bar
Weatherstripping (Optional) Around $200

How Indow Can Help

Exterior storm windows can be costly to install and maintain, but replacing the entire window is still not a desirable option for many homeowners.

Fortunately, there are other alternatives like Indow window inserts. They offer the same energy savings and protection benefits for a better price. Plus, they are simple to install yourself, easy to maintain and remain one of the most cost-effective options on the market.

Our interior storm windows are lightweight and much easier to install, allowing for DIYers to take charge. For those that want a more experienced person for the job, a handyperson can be hired instead of a trained contractor, saving you money.

Speaking of saving money, our window inserts are considerably more cost-effective, ranging from $372-480, compared to competitors. Our prices include shipping, unlike exterior storm windows where shipping costs will be added on after the initial price.

We offer window inserts that can fit the needs of every home. Homeowners can get effective insulation, soundproofing, and protection from light and UV rays without having to spend a ton of time and money.

Reach out now for a free estimate and to learn more about how our window inserts can improve your home.

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cynthia g

Great product, well made. Helpful staff and great communication



The window fits perfectly and was easy enough to install by myself. It unfortunately does not reduce much noise, if any at all, from outside, that might be something for the more premium versions. I have noticed that it does help keep in warmth however which is nice.


Laura K

They are wonderful and are keeping out the cold air this fall!


Travis P

I love my Indow inserts! The installation was very simple and the Indow team helped me the entire way. I live near a busy road, an interstate, and an airport. Although not unbearable the noise from those aforementioned sources was noticeable (key word "was" :) ). I am so glad I found Indow because their inserts were affordable, not permanent, and easy to install. The Indow inserts significantly reduced the noise! I don't have official measurements but I'd say the inserts cut down at least 50% of the noise which is a huge improvement!


Imogene S

I am a 78-year-old woman and the windows in question are above two sliding glass doors. All 4 are almost 3'x4' in size. I had absolutely no problem ordering and installing them myself. The Indow rep I worked with initially answered all my questions. Indow helped all the way with the measurements, delivered the indows early, and provided detailed instructions on their installation. My only advice to potential customers is to measure thrice and order once. The key to successful inserts is a perfect fit - with the Indow-supplied laser, you can do it!


Tony H

Great quality & service. Inserts are a good fit. Will be able to give better feedback after we have been hit by severe winter weather.


Rex R

Great product, fit and finish was high quality. The difference of road noise was amazing. I rarel. Hear vehicles any more. Before it sounded like they were going to drive theough the wondow. Great invention!


Sally B

The inserts weren’t too difficult to place and have made a huge difference in reducing outside highway noise. Love that they are barely noticeable once in place so don’t detract from the window view or appearance at all.



Wow! A company that is honest and transparent about their terrific product. Thank you! Received my window inserts this morning. They work well cutting road noise dramatically. Easy to install. But most of all doing business with them has been an uplifting pleasure. Warms my heart to see honest,dedicated people making the world a more peaceful place!


Carol K

From start to finish, working with Indows has been a great experience. They made sure that the measurements I took were accurate so that the finished product fit perfectly. The Indows, definitely reduce the sound out on the street. In a small guest room inn our Inn in San Francisco, the need to open the window and air out rooms is a necessity so we will see how suitable the inserts are in the long run.


Mary B

I am very grateful to have found and purchased Indow dor several problematic windows in my 1909 house. Wanting to retain the stained and other leaded design windows but making them more weather efficient, Indows solved the problem. I just popped them in and viola! Service was also terrific. I do have to adjust the seal occasionally on one of the picture windows but it is no problem.


Miriam L

Our 9-pane living room window was letting cold air in, so we purchases 9 Indow Window panels. They were fairly easy to install and have held up for a few years now. They make a huge difference in comfort in the living room. Great idea you had there!


Sam P

The ordering process was smooth and easy. Window arrive we'll packed and clean. Installation was easy but the safety chains make no sense.


Tamara S

I work five nights a week and keep night hours on my days off, so having a pitch-black room is essential to my health and happiness. After reading some reviews I settled on the Indow sleep panels. My house was built in 1901. I have two bedroom windows that are about 6' tall and 3' wide. From the time I got in touch with Indow, through the measuring process, through the production and delivery of my inserts I felt like they were supportive. Reading the installation guide before their arrival was essential in preparing me for the process. I knew I'd need to install window brackets with a power drill and that unboxing the inserts might be a bit of a chore. This made the installation process smooth which I greatly appreciated. The inserts arrived a few hours after I'd worked through the night, so I was ready to get them installed in short order and get to sleep at a reasonable hour that day. As to their efficacy, the panels block all the light. The sound dampening isn't powerful, but I knew that going in as well. The inserts need to sit 4" from the glass for the full dampening effect and mine can only sit at about 2". There is a dampening effect, just not at the 50% noise reduction that they're capable of. The delivery service that shipped to my house didn't call to schedule the delivery as the instructions said they would. That's the only thing that didn't go according to plan, but I was home so it worked out. Other than that one thing, the panels perform as I hoped they would. I'm grateful for my dark room and my consistent deep sleep because of them. I would work with Indow again in the future.


Gregory B

We love our new inserts. All nine fit perfectly in our varied windows and now we can enjoy a warmer and quieter winter. Indow was fantastic to work with through the entire process. Thank you, Indow!