Indow Voted One of Oregon’s Most Admired Companies by Business Leaders

Just when we thought we couldn’t do any other BIG THINGS in 2018, Indow was voted as one of Oregon’s Most Admired Companies.

Award for Indow One of Oregon's Most Admired Companies

This list is voted on by 500 CEOs across the state and separated into categories like healthcare and financial services. Indow was voted 24th (out of 200 companies provided) in Product Makers & Designers.

Portland Business Journal puts these awards together at the end of each year to celebrate “the great corporate citizens we have in this region and all of the many benefits they and their employees bring to the state and its communities,” says PBJ Market President & Publisher Craig Wessel.

Newspaper article listing Indow as 24th in Oregon's Most Admired Companies

Oregon’s Most Admired Companies are building a strong economy and providing important services. We’re happy to be part of this incredible network of job creation, community development, and positive impact.

We couldn’t be more honored to be listed among these award winners. Columbia Sportswear, who tops our category, has an innovative product line, but doesn’t stop there. “Boyle has emerged as the rare chief executive willing to step into the political limelight, whether it be championing a cause like the city’s struggles with homelessness or putting himself willingly into the crosshairs of President Trump,” reads PBJ’s article featuring Oregon’s Most Admired Companies.

Portland Business Journal Article: Indow Voted One of Oregon's Most Admired Companies

These companies aren’t just judged on how their business is doing, but on how they do business. We like to think we didn’t just get our votes because of our continuous innovation or creating jobs. Or even because of products designed to help stop material waste and bring energy efficiency to homes and buildings. We hope it’s also because our CEO Sam Pardue speaks out about political and human causes he believes in like clean energy and hiring refugees.

At Indow, we have always felt that a company is more than a business. Ours is driven by values, those we share with our customers: creating comfortable, efficient homes while helping to preserve the environment. It’s nice to know we share values with other businesses as well.