Why is my order taking so long?

Due to a confluence of issues, including global supply chain issues, staffing shortages in the manufacturing industry, and higher-than-usual demand, what are typically 4-week lead times for Indow inserts have ballooned to 14-week lead times. Global supply chain issues have caused shortages in silicon and acrylic. The Indow team is working hard to absorb price increases due to scarcity. 

Many unrelated industries are experiencing severe staffing shortages. One industry hit the hardest by staffing shortages is manufacturing. Indow has increased the number of production team members by over 20% in the past few months, and is actively recruiting more team members to avoid delays.

Fall and winter are the busiest seasons for Indow as customers are looking to reduce cold coming through their windows. This fall we are seeing an historically high demand in Indow inserts. While this increase in sales is a testament to our inserts’ performance, we remain sensitive to how this affects our production queue and lead times. Our production and operations managers are scheduling production so that we can accommodate a maximum number of people without further increasing lead times. 

Indow production team member driving a forklift in a nearly empty Indow factory warehouse.

When will it be finished?

We provide all customers with production lead times. This is the length of time to the end of production. Each customer’s lead time clock begins the moment they have confirmed their order and paid their final invoice

Due to unprecedented lead times, Indow is providing current customers with bi-weekly emails updating them on their order status. If you are a current customer, please note that the lead times shared in the bi-weekly emails are from the moment of order confirmation and invoice payment, not from the date of the bi-weekly email. You are able to opt out of these updates if you prefer.

With the fluctuations in supply chains and staffing issues, we are scheduling production no more than two weeks in advance. This allows us to maintain a steady flow of orders being produced and shipped out while avoiding laying off any Indow team members.

When can I tell it will ship?

We connect with you before shipping your completed inserts to provide a ship date and tracking information. Please make sure you are receiving emails from Indow during your order process. If your order is being shipped to you via freight, your tracking information will be to your local hub, not to the job site. Once at the hub, you will be contacted to schedule a delivery date and time.

What is the shipping process like? How can I prepare?

Download our receiving and handling guide here

How big of a box do I receive for window inserts?
The size of the box depends on the size of your window insert. Your inserts will be delivered in a crate or tote depending on how many inserts are in your order. Each insert will be packaged in a cardboard box secured down with plastic straps. For detailed information on a possible order size, speak with an Indow representative.

If my shipment is being delivered via UPS Freight, will they bring the package into my home?
UPS will deliver your package to your home, but not inside. The UPS driver will drop off your package either in your driveway or curbside.
Please note that the UPS Freight division is now owned by TForce. They are still using UPS tracking links, but TForce reps handle scheduling and delivery.

Is the tracking for delivery to my home or the local UPS hub?
If your insert is being delivered by UPS Ground, the “Scheduled Delivery” is when the package will arrive at your home.

If your insert is being delivered by UPS Freight, the “Scheduled Delivery” is when the package will arrive at the UPS hub nearest to your home. Once it is at the hub, UPS will contact you to set a home delivery. 

My tracking is not active. Why?

We have created the shipping label for your package, and it may have been picked up by the shipping company, but it hasn’t reached their hub or been updated by their system yet. This can take up to 72 hours to be updated.

What tools do I need to unpackage my inserts?

For UPS Ground packages or totes, just a heavy duty pair of scissors. If you receive a crate you’ll also need a flat head screwdriver or staple remover. We advise against using box cutters to ensure that your order stays safe while you unpackage it.

What should I do about damaged packages?

If the packaging is damaged, accept the shipment, but take pictures of the packaging before removing any of the inserts. Keep all packaging until the inserts have been installed. If you find any damaged inserts please take pictures right away. Any issues must be reported to Indow within 30 days of receipt. Please contact your Fit Specialist immediately and submit a claim.

Are TForce deliveries being affected by the global shipping issues?

TForce has been affected by general shipping issues we are seeing currently. You can expect to receive your shipment within 2-3 weeks after we ship it to you.

What if there is an issue with my order?

We want to make sure that turnaround time between placing your order and receiving comfort remains as short as possible. If there are any issues that affect your order or shipment timeline, we will notify you. Your Fit Specialist or a Client Happiness Specialist will connect with you directly if there is an issue unique to your order. For general delays affecting multiple orders, please make sure you are subscribed to receive email updates. We do not send promotional emails unrelated to your active order. During these unprecedented supply chain issues, we have also been providing updates on production lead times and delays.

If you find an issue with your order, please contact us at (503) 284-2260 or [email protected]. You can also submit a claim form.