Custom Storm Windows Save Old Windows

Indow Customers Solve Drafty Windows, Keep Original Charm

These customers both had drafty windows, but weren’t sure custom storm windows would fix their problems. Would window inserts really fit as well as advertised? Would installation go as smoothly as they thought? They thought they had found the best way to insulate windows while preserving the aesthetic of their beautiful, old windows, so they went ahead took the plunge.

These individuals live in different areas, in different types of houses, but needed to solve their issues with cold and drafty windows. Indow custom storm windows brought them comfort and let them keep their original windows.

Haley & Brian Preserve Original Windows & Block Drafts

  • Haley & Brian

  • Pittsburgh, PA

  • Historic Homeowners

  • Purchased Inserts November, 2018

Haley and Brian love their older home, that’s why they are in the process of carefully restoring its beautiful windows. But when the Pittsburgh winter days hit single digits, they can really feel it. They needed something that would preserve the historic features that they are so lovingly repairing while bringing comfort and efficiency to their home.

“We have gorgeous 12-lite wood casement windows with stone sills and original hardware,” says Haley. “It’s a labor of love and 100% worth it. You can tell when you look at these windows that they were built specifically for our house. These windows are the eyes of our home. Through them, you can see the home’s soul, history, and legacy. They were built to last.”

This is why it was so important to Haley and Brian to keep the original, even drafty windows. “We are passionate about preserving architectural character in any way possible,” she says. “Sure – vinyl, double-pane windows are cheap, but if you can save the original windows by adding window inserts for a similar price, it’s better for the historic integrity and aesthetic of the building.”

Haley and Brian tested Indow inserts in two rooms of their home. They say they notice a significant improvement and the surrounding rooms are several degrees colder. The rest of the house is going to be getting the custom storm window treatment soon.

Custom Storm Windows Let the Light in for Greg

  • Greg

  • Albuquerque,

  • NM Historic Homeowner

  • Purchased Inserts December, 2018 And Again in January, 2019

Greg had been using plastic window kits in his windows for years, but wanted something better. Albuquerque winters can go weeks without getting above freezing.

Greg hated the way plastic looked and wanted to be able to see out his beautiful, old windows. He has 100-year-old, single-pane windows with lead weights. He “loved the look but hated the cold”. He was skeptical if Indow custom storm windows would help his drafty windows and got a thermal image camera to put them to the test.

He installed indow inserts in one room to make sure the fit was perfect and to see if they made a difference.

Greg was so impressed with the change that he sent us this thermal image showing the difference. The window on the left has no insert, but the two other windows still have inserts installed.

Greg says, “I can see out my windows in the winter and let light in on a sunny day. My house is no longer a dark cave with little light in the winter.” He’s moving forward with the rest of his rooms after this test.

We love getting Indow reviews like this. Not only do we get to hear success stories from Indow customers, but we get to see a little into their lives, homes, and beautiful windows! You can read more Indow window review stories or share one of your own.

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