Finnerty Dining RoomBoy, do we love to help people in distress, much as Maggie Finnerty once was. Maggie lives in one of those big houses with wavy, leaded-glass Craftsman windows that make you sigh because they’re so old and full of character.

But oh, the noise. A busy Northeast Portland thoroughfare had built up around her house in the 100 years since it was constructed. An auto body shop had opened next door. It wasn’t long after moving in that the racket prompted her and her partner, Don, to think about selling it even though it was such a dreamy house.

Maggie slept with earplugs and still got woken up. Their infant son needed his naps.

Also, the 1913 Craftsman windows leaked, scoring the lowest possible on an air leakage test. But replace that wavy leaded single-pane glass? Ha!

Our favorite part of a story like this is that even though we sell something that sounds kind or ordinary at first – “thermal window inserts” – we can be like super heroes, like Captain Comfort or The Quiet Shadow or Indow Window Woman!

Finnerty Office NoiseWe can provide instant comfort and quiet and we can save old windows. Maggie put acoustic grade inserts into her first-floor bedroom and dining room windows, which block up to 70 percent of sound (check out this funny dramatized video our founder did about how well they work).

Like all the inserts we handcraft here in our Portland factory, they make a room instantly more energy efficient.

“It’s made a huge difference,” she said.

They no longer talk about moving. One of the things Maggie likes best? The inserts are nearly invisible.

“Unless you know they’re there, you don’t know they’re there.”

Right, so maybe, it’s like Invisible Indow Window Woman to the rescue….