Our 2020 Window Zine is redefining historic preservation. How do we view old places, and how do they tie in with our modern lives? Historic preservation is everywhere and belongs to all communities. Everyone has a preservation story to tell, so share yours here

If windows could talk, what would they say about this moment? What other sets of hands have rested where yours do now? How has the landscape changed? We are just one moment in a place’s timeline – it has a rich history before and after us.

The zine is a project to imagine the various possibilities of historic preservation when all voices are heard. In this, the zine hopes to inspire others to make space and find value in the marginalized voices within the U.S. Historic preservation encompasses all of us and relies on our individual cultural histories.

window zine examples from previous years

Bring your voice to our third edition of Window Zine. Is there a window view that is special to you? Do you see your connection with a place as one in a series through time? Share your story with us through art, writing, photography, etc. Learn more about the concept and themes by watching this short video.

Look through Window Zine 2019 and 2018.

If you have questions or concerns about submitting, please email [email protected]

Read submission guidelines and submit to Window Zine 2020.

What is a zine?

Short for magazine, zines started as a radical way to self-publish and spread information quickly. Zines were often xeroxed, collaged, full of handwritten poems or manifestos. Today, zines come in many forms, from a single folded page covering one topic to a bound, chaptered epic.

Zines are always self-published, whether online or physically. They can be full of writing, comics, art, music critique, interviews – anything!

Zine Deadline & Release Dates

We are accepting submissions through August 1, 2020. Please use our Submission Form and review our submission guidelines. 

Window Zine 2020 will be launched on October 28, 2020 at PastForward, the digital conference for National Trust for Historic Preservation. We hope to see you there. If you can’t attend, don’t worry! The digital zine will be shared on this page as well.

Follow #WindowZine to see updates & select submissions.

window zine contributors from previous years

Window Zine Submission Guidelines & Form

Submissions are now closed for 2020. Please check back on 10-28-20 for our published zine!

We’re honored that you want to share your story about why old places are important to you. We are looking for: poetry, essays, photographs, collages, drawings, videos, or any mix thereof. Please read through these submission guidelines before you send us anything. 

If you haven’t read about our themes of inclusion and storytelling, please do so at the top of this page.

Submissions will be accepted through 8-1-20. Selected artists and writers will be notified by 10-15-20. The Zine will be published digitally on 10-28-20.

Follow #WindowZine for updates.

Submission Guidelines

For all: no lewd or graphic material.


  • Under 300 words
  • Word, Google Doc, or .txt file
  • If not in English, include an English translation


  • JPEG, PNG, or PDF
  • No more than 50 MB


  • No longer than 10 minutes
  • Email [email protected] the video or a link to the video
  • If you post the video on YouTube, use the hashtag #windowzine