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Stop Harsh UV Rays At Your Windows

Stop Harsh UV Rays At Your Windows2018-07-27T18:12:40+00:00

Summer sun can damage more than your skin. UV radiation goes right through your windows to fade furniture, wood floors, artwork and rugs. Indow Museum Grade window inserts provide strong UV protection for windows, stopping the sun’s rays from damaging your belongings.


Our Museum Grade inserts block 98% of UV radiation and keep excess summer heat outside. You’ll enjoy the comfort of UV blocking windows while protecting your belongings and saving money year round.

One of the famous Case Study homes commissioned by Art & Architecture Magazine after World War II – Case Study House #26 – used Indow inserts in the clerestory windows to help protect artwork from fading.


And a family in Hickory Creek, Texas used Museum Grade inserts to prevent the UV radiation from penetrating its floor-to-ceiling windows and damaging artwork and leather furniture.

uv protection for artwork

Increased window UV protection will save your belongings, and Indow will also save on your checkbook. A U.S. Department of Energy study found that Indow window inserts reduced heating and cooling costs by 20%


Indow Museum Grade inserts are acrylic edged with our patented silicone Compression Tubing. Laser-measured for a precise fit, they simply press into your window frames and are nearly invisible when installed.

Stop damage being caused to your home, and start blocking UV rays coming through your windows. Contact us using the form below to get a free estimate today.

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