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How To Soundproof A Room With Indow

How To Soundproof A Room With Indow2018-12-19T00:14:44+00:00
Custom-Made Window Inserts Can Block Outside Noise by 50 to 70%

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Indow window inserts are the soundproofing solution you’ve been searching for. Made from 100% acrylic, our Acoustic Grade can damp noise by over 70% when placed over operable single pane windows.*

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How To Make Your Room Soundproof

Windows are your best place to start when taking steps to soundproof your space. Soundproofing your home has two components:

Sound Reduction—stops noise from entering your home in the first place (through the windows)

Sound Absorption—stops the noise that does get in from  reverberating around the room.

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Window Inserts: Installing window inserts is one of the most effective ways to soundproof your windows. Indow Acoustic Grade window inserts reduce up to 70% of outside noise (depending on the type of window). The easy to install inserts press into the interior of window frames whether it’s to soundproof an office or home. Not only do they block noise, they create a more comfortable and energy efficient space.

Window Treatments: Sound damping curtains or heavy drapes can also help block outside noise from penetrating. They may shut out your view, but hey, at night that doesn’t matter and your room will be cozier.

Looking for ways to soundproof your room for music?

We can fit any size window in any room, be it an apartment, house or commercial building. Check out this video sent to us by one of our customers, professional musician Dan:


The audio has not been altered in any way. Indow Acoustic Grade yields an STC rating of 42-45 when placed over double pane windows, as tested through independent analysis conducted by the BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology) Centre for Architectural Ecology.

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What Do They Cost?
Indow Premium Grades start at $36 MSRP per sq ft. That's $432 MSRP for a 3'x4' window opening.*

Consider the cost and distruption of replacing your windows. The national average for a vinyl window is $66-$87 per sq ft and wooden incased windows average $71-$109 per sq ft.

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*Local authorized dealers may charge a measurement and installation fee. Sales tax may apply.


STC (Sound Transmission Class) ratings are simple; the higher the rating, the less noise penetration. A single-pane window yields an STC rating of 26-28, meaning normal speech can be heard clearly and understood. At 42-45, loud speech can be heard as a murmur – or not at all.


You’ve gone too long without the peace and quiet you need. Indow window inserts are the best way to soundproof a room – get a free estimate for your windows now.


*Note, overall noise reduction performance depends on how much noise is coming through walls, ceilings, floor, and doors. The window noise reduction will be less when Indow inserts are placed over double-pane windows. We do not recommend Indow inserts for reducing noise coming through laminated glass windows, triple pane windows, or hurricane windows.

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