Steve Jordan, author of The Window Sash Bible, in Rochester, New York, is an expert at refurbishing old wood windows. He discusses the benefits of sashes made from old-growth wood and shows us his techniques for how to properly maintain and restore them. His webinar covers the types of old-growth wood commonly found in original windows, with some discussion of regional differences.

He then provides an overview of steps you can take to maintain your original windows, including painting, caulking, and more. Finally, his talk includes a demonstration of techniques for fixing old windows to restore them to full functionality and beauty.

Below is the video of Steve in his workshop:


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Epoxy such as:

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NOTE ON LEAD PAINT: To stay safe during home renovations, please refer to this excellent lead safety guide developed by the EPA.


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Steve is the author of The Window Sash Bible, which explains how to repair, maintain, restore and improve old or historic windows circa 1800 to 1940. He was a contributing editor for Old House Journal for 17 years and is a graduate of Cornell University’s Historic Preservation Program.

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